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Welcome to the first installment of Spotlight for Impose Magazine. Spotlight is our weekly playlist of new tracks from unsigned and underrepresented acts from all over the world.

  1. Heavy Heart – The Way Home

At the end of each month throughout 2016, London outfit Heavy Heart has released a new song. An ambitious project by any measure, the surprise is that they have yet to drop a dud. The November track is no different, showcasing some shoegaze pitch bend with a characteristically angelic lead performance from Anna Vincent.

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  1. Slumbers – Doboom Soom

The sleepy twee-pop trio works from an upstate New York homebase on holidays home from college. From their EP released last month, “Doboom Soom” features elegant acoustic strums, sprightly keys, and lyrics that name check Adventure Time. Consider me a fan.

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  1. Caitlin Pasko – Barking Dog

Previously performing as Lacrymosa, Caitlin Pasko is stepping out from behind the moniker with her most personal work to date. “Barking Dog” still features her sparse piano work and porcelain vocals, precious yet fragile. The addition of haunting ambience brings a new dimension to the track, revealing the true heartache of losing of loved one.

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  1. Same Name Confusion – Where Do We Go From Here

It is summer in New Zealand right now, and the latest song from these Kiwis have us aching for that welcoming warmth. This is the second release of a seven song culmination from the duo, so stay tuned to their socials to discover more.

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  1. Goldie Chorus – Stripping In The Sunset

The eighties never ended for this Danish band as their new single is coated with an era-appropriate yacht rock chill. When the sax interlude hits with all of its lounge lizard cheesiness, listeners are rendered helpless to its fitting charms.

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  1. Darnum Samp – Tap The Tapes

Inhabiting the overlapping space between hip hop, techno, and house, this LA production crew has an old school feel and a lo-fi sensibility. The track plays like some b-side cut off a white label vinyl discovered in a DJ crate marked “secret weaponry”. Ready, aim, press play.

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