April 2021 Mix

Jeff Cubbison

Featuring new tracks, videos, performances & a heavy dose of Machine Girl mayhem

One of our favorite musical acts these days is Machine Girl, the great New York-based duo whose unwieldy blend of digital hardcore, noise, industrial and breakcore has galvanized audiences on record and especially in DIY live settings. We were huge fans of their latest LP, last year’s U-Void Synthesizer, and we’ve included the album track “Fully In It” on our newest monthly YouTube mix.

In addition to that, leading off the playlist is the track “Catch Energy” off the new album from the avant-electronic duo Prolaps – which features Machine Girl’s Matt Stephenson and Kill Antlers’ Bonnie Baxter. Their new LP Ultra Cycle Pt. 1: Vernal Birth – out now via Hausu Mountain – builds on the chaos and maximalism of their sound, with frenetic, escalating dance floor breakbeats feeding into disorienting, shape-defying synth textures.

Elsewhere, we’ve got a heavy dose of drum n’ bass and jungle from veterans like Tech Level 2, Prayer, and Special Request in addition to a healthy smattering of DIY indie rock, psych, and post-punk (plus whatever the hell black midi are smoking!). Dive right in and check out the full tracklist below.


  1. Prolaps – “Catch Energy”
  2. Dry Cleaning – “Unsmart Lady”
  3. Yoji Minor – “Mosquito”
  4. Stephen Fretwell – “Oval” (Live)
  5. Special Request – “Elysian Fields”
  6. black midi – “John L”
  7. James McAlister – “Slow Wave”
  8. Glazed – “Doomed World”
  9. ZaeHD & CEO – “Dirty Watch” (feat. Bankroll Freddie)
  10. Facs – “Strawberry Cough”
  11. Claire George – “Pink Elephants”
  12. Foxing – “Speak With The Dead” (feat. Why?)
  13. Skullcrusher – “Storm in Summer”
  14. Night Beats – “Ticket”
  15. Mozzy – “My Ambitionz”
  16. New Pagans – “Harbour”
  17. Cold Moon – “Simpleton”
  18. Triptides – “Let It Go”
  19. Tech Level 2 – “Suspended”
  20. Cory Hanson – “Bird of Paradise”
  21. Daniel Bachman – “Coronach”
  22. UV-TV – “Distant Lullaby”
  23. Doohickey Cubicle – “Milano Sport”
  24. Machine Girl – “Fully In It”
  25. fog lake – “Weird Sisters” (Sparklehorse cover)
  26. Writhing Squares – “NFU”
  27. dad sports – “MANY FACES”
  28. Manslaughter 777 – “Gainax”
  29. Kate Clover – “Love You To Death”
  30. Yaw Tog, Stormzy & Kwesi Arthur – “Sore” (Remix)
  31. Weatherstate – “Hangar” (Live Acoustic)
  32. Braids – “Slayer Moon”
  33. Prayer – “No One Left”
  34. The Reds, Pinks & Purples – “Biggest Fan”
  35. Konshens – “Can’t Stay Sober”
  36. Winter & Jorge Elbrecht – “All I Know”
  37. Iceage – “Shelter Song”
  38. Jonny Dee – “Spotlight”
  39. Floating Points, Pharaoh Sanders & London Symphony Orchestra – “Movement 1”


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