Bidding goodbye to summer

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This week the Audio Imposition broadcasts from the warmest studio in Brooklyn! Eric serves up a bunch of stuff he’s been playing lately (that isn’t drum and bass, what is up with that?), and digs back deep to play little heard dance mixes of Against Me! and more.

Fasano, “The Beach”
Hand of God, “Hand of God”
Danny Winter, “Survive”
The KVB, “Heavy Eyes”
Miss Eaves, “TNT”
Wally Lopez ft Goran Kay, “Revolution (Make a Change) [GruuvElement’s Remix]”
Against Me!, “Don’t Lose Touch (Mouse on Mars Remix)”
Foot Village, “Isle of Man”
Protomartyr, “Why Does It Shake?”
Melkbelly, “Bathroom At The Beach”
Childbirth, “Let’s Be Bad”
Towkio, “Oscillate”
Despot, “House of Bricks”
GZA x Sweet Valley, “Planetary Energy”
BUTANNA, “Run Daddy Run”
Negative Scanner, “Criticism”
Shilpa Ray, “Oh My Northern Soul”