August 2021 Mix

Jeff Cubbison

Dousing the summer with shades of gray courtesy of Midwife, Sewerslvt, Drew Pelisek & more

As we breeze through August soaking up the sun rays and lighting up the barbecues with upbeat tunes, we’re also hitting you with a heavy dose of shade, courtesy of Denver-based musician Midwife. On her latest LP Luminol, the transgressive lo-fi artist blends elements of shoegaze, drone, folk, slowcore and dream pop in order to cultivate a sonic atmosphere that takes you to plunging emotional depths.

One of the album’s centerpiece moments is “2020,” an unlikely cover of The Offspring’s “Gone Away,” which strips the original down to its melodic chorus while adding droning, reverb-soaked riffs that carry the weight of the melancholy and existential dread that defined our last year in lockdown. “2020” leads off our latest monthly playlist, which also includes standout tracks from cult heroes like Sewerslvt, Nanoray, Hovvdy, Drew Pelisek, and more. Just a little spice for an otherwise sugary period of late summer. You can check out the full tracklist and dive in below:


1. Midwife – “2020”
2. Anthony Green – “7 Years” (LIVE)
3. Destroy Boys – “Drink”
4. Ducks Ltd. – “18 Cigarettes”
5. Kraus – “Glass Valley”
6. Fire-Toolz – “Shenpa Indicator Light”
7. Samia – “As You Are”
8. Hovvdy – “True Love”
9. Runner – “Monochrome”
10. Lala Lala – “DIVER”
11. Torres – “Thirstier”
12. Eddie Atom – “All Roads” (feat. Ace Hashimoto & Aris P)
13. Time and Pressue – “Theseus”
14. Cryogeyser – “Sonic Peace”
15. Drew Pelisek – “Colors”
16. Rico Nasty – “Buss”
17. Calling All Captains – “Undone”
18. Kurt Vile – “Run Run Run” (The Velvet Underground cover)
19. Tim Reaper & Comfort Zone – “All The Time”
20. Caroline Loveglow – “Patience”
21. Priors – “Cool World”
22. Pink Siifu – “Bussin’ (Cold)” (feat. Turich Benjy)
23. Sewerslvt – “Ecocide Suite”
24. Clairo – “Amoeba”
25. Nanoray – “Hellrunner”
26. Inspired & the Sleep – “Good 2 U”
27. Billie Eilish – “Overheated”
28. Darkside – “I’m the Echo”
29. Amyl and the Sniffers – “Security”
30. DAVE – “Clash” (feat. Stormzy)
31. The Blow – I”m Not In Love” (10cc cover)
32. Skirts – “Swim”
33. Deep Yogurt – “Pig Blaster 9000”
34. CGI dog – “Chase the Sacred (Become Light)”
35. FM Skyline – “Harlequin”


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