Best new music of 2014 (so far)

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This week on the Audio Imposition, we are joined by Golf Digest writer Derek Evers (you may also know him as Impose Magazine‘s founder and publisher) to discuss a selection of the Best New Music of 2014 as selected by the readers of Impose. The metric was judged on page views, so we got some surprising results (#emorevivalHQ). Along the way, we wrestle with pronounciation, Record Store Day, staying #posi in music, how awesome Candyman is, Derek acheived the pinnacle of his life so far, we discuss Pedicab Driver, that amazing Priests & Good Throb tour, upcoming weekend plans, Eric plays a selection of music trying to will Spring into returning, the amazing LL Cool J Unplugged performance, we wonder if there is indie erotica, the need for an adult line of Lego (if only for a Basket Case minifig) we discuss Krull and Deathstalker, Edwina’s mom’s love of the Mets, and how horrible Spotify is on OSX.

Tour De Force, “Battlecry”
Dionne Reed, “She Can’t”
Pefect Giddimani, “Like Marley”
Eagle Nebula, “Shame.”
Gordon Voidwell, “Beamz & Bendz”
Lakutis, “Body Scream”
Signor Benedick the Moor, “Mourning Wood”
Young Fathers, “Get Up”

Seahaven, “Love To Burn”
King Dude & Chelsea Wolf, “Be Free”
Bellows, “For Rock Dove”
Gäy, “Blue Blue Heart”
Slothrust, “Cubicle”
Burnt Ones, “Spell Breakers”
Life Size Maps, “This Same House”
Clipping, “Work Work”

Heavens to Betsy, “Terrorist”
Good Throb, “Feminazi”
Good Throb, “Bag”