Talking Banksy overkill with Bucky Turco and growing up DIY in the Bronx with YC The Cynic

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yc the cynic

On our latest episode of Nothing Urgent, Impose's essential talk radio show on The Heritage Radio Network, we sat down with Bucky Turco, editor-in-chief of Animal NY, to discuss—what else?—Barney. No, sorry, I meant Banksy. The street art maven who is taking over New York (and our wallets, pageviews, and brainspace) is the focus of some chatter with Turco, who sees the Banksy phenomenon as a reflection of capitalism in our fair city. On the second half of the episode, we speak with YC The Cynic, whose captivating performance at our CMJ showcase had us all mesmerized, and he describes what it was like growing up in the DIY hip-hop community in the Bronx, the crowd-pleasing ways of a sober lifestyle, and the differences between rapping and singing.

You can stream or download the full episode through The Heritage Radio Network, then tune in weekly to hear Chris Robbins and Derek Evers parse the good topics on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.