Sam Frankl releases the track "Patina" + a UK Underground Playlist

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Durning Sam Frankl’s travel across South America in 2017, it was in Palomino, Columbia where he wrote his recent hit single “Patina”. Frankl says the track has to do with a couple after a break up, “the girl is trying to scrape off a top surface, to reach some more extreme emotions beneath in the boy.” The track “Patina” was produced by Rob Brinkman of Mumford & Sons at Kite Studios in London. Listen to his track below, along with the well-organized playlist that Sam Frankl made himself.

Octavian – “Octavian caught Drake’s attention with his debut single so I doubt he is going to stay under anyone’s radar for long. This track is a sort of disassembled blend of Grime and Afrobeats which contains the best earworm of the year so far, ‘that’s why they all wheel it up, they rewind it’ will never leave your head.”

Moses Boyd – “The jazz scene in South London is exhilarating. I don’t think anyone encapsulates it better than Moses Boyd, he might be the best drummer I’ve ever seen perform live.”  

XOA –  “XOA is modernizing Afrobeat in such a refreshing way. You could stick this into a DJ set in between Ebo Taylor and Floating Points and no one would bat an eyelid.”

The Busy Twist – I discovered the Busy Twist because of my Soundway Records obsession. I’ve never done a DJ set without half a crate’s worth of Soundway Vinyl. Every song they’ve released has the potential to fill a dancefloor.

Henry Wu – Henry Wu is half of the tragically defunct Yussef Kamaal. Thankfully he is as multifaceted as he is prolific. Check out his solo records but also dig around for other projects he’s connected to; he has a Midas touch.

Nilufer Yanya – I saw Nilufer at the Groucho Club and her voice was instantly captivating. She has the aura of a genuine breakout artist. It feels as though her songwriting is evolving with every release.

Shame – My ear isn’t particularly close to the ground when it comes to UK guitar bands but Shame are part of the Secretly Canadian family so I had to check them out. Their debut album is a firecracker. They’re one of the live acts I most want to see in the next few months.

The Comet is Coming – Shabaka Hutchings is an almost mythical presence in the London music scene. He plays saxophone in this cosmic kaleidoscope of a band but he’s also arguably the progenitor of the jazz revival in south London. Make sure to check out one his other projects Sons of Kemet and Shabaka and the Ancestors.