Sun Club and the state of Baltimore DIY

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This week on the Audio Imposition, Eric talks to two members of Baltimore’s Sun Club at the end of their six week tour. We talk about making their band’s sound bigger without going prog, we discuss the current state of Baltimore DIY and theorize why there are so few legitimate venues, the popularity of experimental pop music in Baltimore, what it’s like to be on ATO records, touring strategies and which are superior; donut holes or mini-donuts.

The back end of the show is full of music that Eric has been digging recently.

01. “Worm City in Sun Club” by Sun Club
02. Interview
03. “Burn Masculinity” by The Spook School
04. “Lone Wolf” by Yoko and the Oh No’s
05. “Dreamlover” by TÜLIPS
06. “Shitheaded” by Blobs
07. “Oomph Part 3” by Malory
08. “Flawless” by Disciples
09. “Oh My God” by Dj Q, Natalie Duncan
10. “Evocation” by Anna Von Hausswolff