The Back to School Episode

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Hell yeah, kids, welcome back to school!  My name is Eric and I am your host and this is the Audio Imposition radio show.  It’s pretty cool.  Give a listen, yeah?

Granny Squares, “Groceries”
Baby Gap, “Yung Neck”
Stuck With Pink, “Stuck With Pink”
Sissy, “Nothing”
Team Ugly, “No More Dry Nights”
Attendant, “Saturday”

Kurrakä, “Bailando”
The Dark Ages, “The Dark One”
Methmouth, “Pity // Cringe”
Pyka, “Tina”

Human Traffic, “Will He”
Dead Ramones, “Hello Bad Day”
Hank Wood & The Hammerheads, “The Ghost”
Ivy, “Got Nol Instinct/Wardsback”

Uncommon Nasa, “574s”
Signor Benedick The Moor, “A2onality”
Swet Shop Boys, “Meh Sherabi”

The Playboy Manbaby Experience, “Crystal Space Line”