The Secret History of Azar Swan

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Josh and Zorha of Azar Swan join us for a wide ranging talk about the secret origin of Azar Swan, the secret Journey underground of Dubai, living in Richmond, living in DC, touring the West Coast, the process of making music as Azar Swan versus Religious To Damn, and more. Lots and lots more.

Next week, Pre-CMJ show. You’ll love it.

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Vic Mensa – Lovely Day
Chris Brassard – Can’t Help Myself
OG Dutch Master – Knukleheadz
Hot Sugar – Watermelon ft Open Mike Eagle
Tessela – Nancy’s Pantry
Armand Hammer – Omega 3 Remix
Curly Castro – West Indian Rum
SLEEPIES – Annalisa (PiL cover)
Azar Swan – Over
Pinkish Black – Ashtray Eyes
Anatomy of Habit – After The Water
Dangerous Boys Club – Guillotine
Digital Leather – Bugs on Glue
Youth Code – Carried Mask
Ministry – I’m Falling