VŌS, “House Party”

Meredith Schneider

In honor of the recent spotlight on VŌS‘ work – their cover of Drake’s “Passionfruit” is phenomenal, and their original track “Patience” is a necessity – the duo chose to curate a playlist exclusively for Impose to keep the party going. The house party, that is.



Ooooo a house party. Can I not have 20?! There are a ton of tunes I’m loving at the moment, but for a house party it has to be these bad boys.

“Crazy In Love” – Beyoncé
No Party is complete without a bit of Beyonce

“Woman Trouble” – Artful Dodger ft. Craig David and Robbie Craig
I’ve always been a huge fan of garage from back in the day. This is hands down my fav.

“Peaches and Cream” – 112
If I’m at a party with my school lot this one always has to be played. I have memories of us all trying to be cool, dancing to this when we were like 13. We definitely weren’t as cool as we thought.

“Make You Feel Good” – Fetty Wap
It’s in the name. I actually cannot sit still when this tune comes on.

“You Don’t Know Me” – Jax Jones
“Time is money so don’t fuck with mine.” This is a CHUNE.


“Like I Love You” – Justin Timberlake
The first time I heard the drums on this track I remember instantly loving it and thinking “So music can sound THIS good, woah!!!!” Haha.

“Katy On A Mission” – Katy B
Back at Uni the world was swarmed by dubstep. This track was everywhere, fortunately I loved it.

“Dance Wiv Me” – Dizzee Rascal
This music reeks of fun. Love how much character Dizzee brings to the table.

“Love$ick” – Mura Masa, A$AP Rocky
I love picking up new music from people around me and Dawn first played this to me. Relentless energy and vibe.

“Never Be Like You” – Flume ft. Kai
This along with the Stranger Things theme was the main theme to a boat party (yup, only done it once) in the States last year. Don’t worry, nobody knows how to dance to it, I think that’s the aim of Flume’s game. Shout out to Gene from Oz who moonlighted as DJ Blublublublublublu and span against me in a DJ battle.


Keep up with VŌS here.

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