Obama cries, Mel Gibson sees a star

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President Obama crying

Mel Gibson is reportedly looking to cast President Obama in his next feature film based on his emotional performance at his campaign headquarters on Wednesday morning.

According to IMPOSE's sources, the actor/director/megalomaniac viewed the video of the president tearing up and saw box office gold. “Mel saw it and went into one of his trances,” the source said, requesting anonymity because of prior assurances from Gibson that he would “Barbecue your grandmother” if they ever spoke to the press. “Mel realized that the president has real potential be a dramatic presence on the screen,” the source continued.

“He started throwing out plot lines—what if Obama was a shipwrecked castaway who just saw his animal friends slaughtered by drug lords? What if the president watched eco-terrorists lock his wife and family in the belly of a whale and then blow it up?” they said, adding that Gibson at first shrieked the phrase “Black Braveheart!” before muttering and shaking his head in apparent dismissal. Gibson then reportedly picked up the phone to call his agent and triumphantly broke a bottle of scotch on the horns of a stuffed addax that sits in his home theater.