Aaron Rodgers makes the lockout even more annoying

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Aaron Rodgers first band The Make

Introducing The Make.

I'm not going to tell you what they sound like, because I don't know. Nor have I tired to find out. I can think of about ten things they “make” me want to do, and listening to their music is not one of them. Their debut single “Get It” will drop sometime next month, and thanks to ESPN (and about 50 bowling photographs on their blog) I can tell you the video will involve bowling. Apparently, The Make are a “California-based alt-rock band,” and the first signee to reigning Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers newest business venture; Suspended Sunrise Recordings. It doesn't take a genius to take one look at Rodgers and realize we're probably going to get a lot of Nickle-Staind inspired rock n' roll from SSR, but as if to drive home the cheese, the label also comes rife with a motto: “We believe everyone needs to have musical inspiration for living an abundant life.”

Sigh. At least The Make have a hot girl rhythm guitarist.

And you said you didn't care if there was a lockout.