June 15: The Day of No Sports

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sleeping yankees fan

June 15 is one of those strange days of the year where there is no major sporting event happening at all. It’s the day after the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, months after the end of hockey and basketball and with football just down the pike of viewing. If you’re a big sports fan, what becomes of your day? Well I tracked my sports-related thoughts throughout June 15 and here’s what happened:


Waiting for the bus, I instinctively check my fantasy baseball team, Duke of Earl Weavers, and realized the week is off for the All-Star break. Check the All-Star game score since the pre-game took approximately four hours and I fell asleep.


At work, check my fantasy baseball team again.


Wait, seriously, is anything going on today?


Oh hey Summer League basketball is on, I can watch the stars of the NBA Future! First game time 4:00pm.


Did an uninterrupted two hours of work without reading sports information. I will quietly await for my award.


Okay, lunchtime. Time to get into some good longform sports related content…


Oh, for fucks sake.



Spent the last hour scrolling for cricket scores. I have no idea what any of it means, but a sport that takes a tea break is alright with me.


What did I even do with my life before I followed these dumb sports so closely?


Okay! Finally some sports. C’mon… Milwaukee vs Houston? In the Summer League?!



Fell asleep watching Summer League basketball. I’m going to sit on my back porch and watch leaves in the breeze.


Ate dinner at the dining room table with my girlfriend. I left my phone in the other room because it is dead to me.


Watching television with my girlfriend. It’s a show where ladies are yelling at each other. If I squint really hard, it looks like Lou Pinella having a fit and a little drop of serotonin fills up the starved system and I fall asleep in a chair.