Acid Baby Jesus' Greek music mixtape

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Acid Baby Jesus

We thought it might be interesting to do a mixtape from Greek bands and artists. Here it goes:

1. Markos Vamvakaris – Skyla Me Ekanes Na Liono (Bitch, You Made Me Melt)

This is one of the finest of Rebetiko music. Something about these recordings reminds me of the Delta Blues, sounds of real pain.

2. Anti – Stamata Na Milas Gia Thanato (Stop Talking About Death)

New wave punk band from the 80's, kinda reminds me of stuff thats really popular now. I really like the way this song is sung.

3. Dimitris Poulikakos & Exadaktylos – Skoni Petres Laspi (Dirt, Rocks, Mud)

I just love this video, plus the whispering part is pretty psychedelic.

4. Trypes- De Xwras Pou8ena (You Fit Nowhere)

This was everywhere when I was growing up, I used to hate it, but it's fun to listen to now.

5. Bazooka – Shame Take My Brain

My favorite Greek band, those guys are our brothers and their shows are the best.