Beacon's visual button looseners

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We decided to talk about the inspiration behind our live visuals.

Marco Brambilla- Cathedral

Jacob Gossett: Marco Brambilla is an artist who works a lot with sourced video footage. You may know him best from Kanye West’s “Power” video or his installation in the elevator of the Standard Hotel in NYC. This is an older work titled “Cathedral”. It’s a menacing collage of video footage from the Toronto Eaton Center mega mall during the holiday season, a kaleidoscope of excess that is both dark and mystifying. He also directed Demolition Man!

Everything but the Girl – “Before Today” (live)

JG: This live video from “Everything but the Girl” has so many things to love. Between the soft pinkish/blue hues, the back-up dancers flanking the band, and Tracey Thorn’s reserved presence (and her outfit) this performance has all the aesthetic charm I could ask for.

Jacolby Satterwhite – Excerpt from Country Ball

JG: I met Jacolby in 2009 when we were both attending a residency in Skowhegan, ME. His work immediately stood out and this excerpt from his video “Country Ball” shows why. He works in a variety of mediums but these bizarre digital worlds that operate through intense personal narrative are some of my favorite video works out there.

The Spy Who Loved Me Opening Titles

Thomas Mullarney III: The silhouetted girls are such a staple of the James Bond opening titles that we had a lot to choose from here. What's great about these intros is the way they played with scale with the cutouts. This one definitely takes the cake for the girl swinging on a giant pistol at 1:40. Amazing song too.

Jennifer Steinkamp

TM: We've both been interested in her work for a while. I definitely took inspiration from it when I was in school doing 3D animation based installations. Her work has a meditative, screen-saver like quality that borders on the sublime, but with enough time reveals an internal chaos.

Duf Edit – Wendy Vanity

TM: Youtube is such a perfect place to source inspiration because you have an unfiltered look at raw creative expression. My favorite, and easily one of the more prolific outsider artists of this genre is WendyVainity. Uploading a couple video's a week, she creates these perverse, schizophrenic, but always impassioned 3D animations using a program she taught herself to use. In her video's, a dance or a movement is just sourced and added like a piece of clothing to her characters.