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Greetings on behalf of the BLANKS NYC crew. One thing we love here is mix tapes (Deets on our upcoming mixtape swap here), so putting together a Selector mix for Impose got us pumped. Lets work with the perks of the format here- Youtube is the largest record bag in the world (and yes, at parties where I don't have my records on me and the music is whack, I can always pop open three tabs on a browser and start streaming).

Now, one beautiful thing about Youtube is that there are people out there who love to pick through DJ sets, radio shows, and live gigs with the sole purpose of ripping off the record crates of Superstar DJs, full of 'exclusives' and 'VIP' tracks. If you're savvy and can google (or better yet, Youtube-tutorial) your way into ripping the audio to an mp3, you can play these tracks live… But word of advice, stick to playing it loud on your buddy's shitty sound system and no one will be able notice how flat the sound really is.

So here's a set of tunes that I would put on a mixtape if the songs were released.

Clickbeatle's (2011 Preview) Selector mixtape:

Major Lazer + Rivastarr, “Jump” (Martin Brothers mix)

Lunice, “Purp Walk” (First track on this EP mini-mix video)

Shy FX, “Raver” (Feat Kano, Donaeo, and Roses Gabor)

Pinhead, “All Aboard”

SJ, “Somethings Happening” (Feat. Simon Ki)

Jamie George, “The Flying Saucer”


MJ Cole + Wiley, “From The Drop”

Pearson Sound, “Stifle”

The Aliens, “Xterminate”

Redlight, “Source 16”

Katy B, “Lights On”

Cherri V, “The Show” (Swindle mix)

Burns + Fred Falke, “YSLM”

Jessie Ware + SBTRKT, “Nervous”

Kashii, “Nether Where” (Feat. Simon Lords) (Mensah Remix)