A transnational trip with Boogarins

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Bob Dylan and Donovan

Hans (drums): I think Dylan is the best songwriter of all the time. His voice brings us comfort. I do like the song he sings in this video, “It's All Over Now,” and as a bonus we got the “Sunshine Superman” (Donovan).

Yuck, “Rubber”

Raphael (bass guitar): Noisy and loud guitars. Soft melodies. A heavy, sexy and agonizing video. What a combination!

Caetano Veloso, “Nine Out of Ten”

This song from the album “Transa” shows the huge plurality of Brazilian music, it's filled of elements from the most distinct contexts, resulting in something absolutely new. In some moments of the video we can watch the dance of Mané Garrincha, another great Brazilian artist.

Beto Guedes, Danilo Caymmi, Novelli, Toninho Horta, “Belo Horror”

Fernando (vocal and guitars): One of the most amazing sounds from Minas Gerais. This song has uncommonly beautiful timbres, plus Beto Guedes voice, that sound to me like a guide through the intense trip that this song brings. Each time I listen to it, I fell in love with a different detail.

Treli Feli Repi, “23 Suicídio”

Benke (guitars): Lê Almeida is the singer on this one. I was introduced to the lo-fi term watching an interview with him on television, and even before I listened to a song, i was already a fan. You should check everything he has being doing, his solo career stuff, the bands on his label (Tranfusão Noise Records), his collage posters . . . he must be the coolest guy on Earth. We probably wouldn't start recording things in my bedroom if he didn't show us that was possible. The song is just beautiful, hits me as if I wrote it myself. “I think you heard me too much.”

Clube da Esquina, “Trem de Doido”

This one was chosen by me and Fernando. Beto Guedes is playing the fuzzy guitar. Lô sings melodies and words that puts you in the place of the song character. I don't know what else to say about it, just listen to it.

Boogarins' debut album, As Plantas Que Curam, will release through Other Music Recording Co on September 30.