Broken Hands Premiere Live Version of “Meteor”, Are Excited to Tour the U.S.

UK rock collective Broken Hands – comprised of Dale Norton, Jamie Darby, Thomas Ford, Callum Norton, and David Hardstone – have been hard at work on their debut album. The 11-track work, Turbulence – which is set to release on November 4th via So Recordings – is already gaining critical acclaim due to the lead single “Meteor”, which is garnering attention with the BBC. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the live version of that track right here.

What’s so exquisite, perhaps, about this live recording is that it’s so insanely vibey and beautiful even without the post-production process. It gives you a little hint into what the live performance must be like and – if you’re a music freak like we are – you know that’s one of the most important aspects. To be able to feel the emotion in the song and hear every aspect of it – including the quirky imperfections – can be a revelatory experience.

And Broken Hands has given us just that. It’s a revelation.

We got a quick moment with Dale and Tom to talk about the album. Check it out!

What was the first album or song you remember listening to, and who introduced it to you?

There was a tv ad with people singing Janis Joplin’s ‘Mercedes Benz’. My aunt asked me if I knew who’s song it was and when I said I didn’t. She hollered to my dad “your son is thick!” and gave me a copy of Pearl.

Was there a moment when either of you realized music was your calling?

No I don’t think there was, but once we started playing none of us are now going to stop so if you look at it that way maybe it is our calling.

What is the origin story of Broken Hands? 

We met at school like so, so many friends. The oddity being that we’re still playing music together, no replacements or quitters here. The name? An Indian chief in a western.

Your track “Meteor” is so, so good. What inspired it?

The song is basically about chasing a good time, your friends are telling you to call it a day as you should give up, but you won’t. It’s like chasing a meteor in a your never going to catch in a MIG jet.

How do you imagine people might listen to this song, specifically?

Well a few friends of mine used to listen to the demo before they went out at the weekend. Maybe like that, but they are bias.

Your debut album Turbulence is set to release November 4th. Are you dying with anticipation?

Of anticipation to come and perform the album out in the USofA, heck yes!

Do you think making music in Canterbury has any direct effect on your sound?

We’re separated from the big cities, not oblivious to trends and movements. But we can choose to truly shut it all out and see what happens if you only write on a piano for a week. Or only listen to Depeche Mode. It works for us now. It feels honest for us at the moment.

What’s up next for you guys? Can we expect a US tour? (wink wink nudge nudge)

Yes indeed, (wink wink)


Turbulence is out November 4th. It is available for preorder now.