Brooklyn’s Greg Humphreys Talks Electric Trio, Joy, & Being The Universe

Greg Humphreys–who clearly knows his way around an acoustic guitar–has taken some time away from Dillon Fence and Hobex to give some TLC to Greg Humphreys’ Electric Trio. Comprised of drummer Keith Robinson and bassist Matt Brandau in addition to Humphreys, they’ve all got extensive musical backgrounds to add their own flavor to the blossoming project. Just now rounding out their Lucky Guy Summer Tour, Humphreys took a time out to briefly answer a few questions for IMPOSE.

How would you describe your music?

Mainly doing rock & roll, fun and soul music with my Electric Trio.

What do you think makes you stand out from other musicians?

I’ve explored many different styles of music during my time touring, recording, playing, singing and writing. I’ve put in the hours. It’s been an interesting path. I think that makes for a unique musical voice and perspective.

I see that you moved from North Carolina to Brooklyn and then settled down there, what’s the story behind that?

Met my future wife after a memorial service in NYC for one of my best friends. After a year together, I made the decision to move to the city to be with her. Five years later, we’re married and have a 2 1/2 year old son.

Has this move changed anything for you?

Having a family has been wonderful, something I didn’t know I was missing until it happened. It has certainly changed the way I spend my time. I need to be more strategic with where and when I can be creative and make music. Traveling gigs have to count more. Although I miss certain things about living in NC, I’m enjoying the city.

Where did you draw inspiration from for “Lucky Guy”?

The songwriting on Lucky Guy certainly captures a moment in my life. As a songwriter whose songs mostly fall into the “confessional” column, it was satisfying to write some songs that were unabashedly romantic, optimistic and happy. Those are not emotions I can really fake or manufacture in song.

Songs can capture the ephemerality of those moments and help you to remember them. Make them last.

What was your favorite part of creating your new album?

I enjoyed it all. I did have a moment when I put the test pressing on my turntable and listened to the first side of the album. Sounded like it was meant to be on vinyl. Felt like the hard work that bassist Matt Brandau, drummer Keith Robinson and I had put into the project had been worth it.

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be and why?

Joy. Playing and writing music brings me joy. I hope it brings that feeling to others as well.

If you were a object, what would you be and why?

I’d be the universe, because the universe is an object that encompasses all objects. Why not have it all?

Fair point. What’s up next for you?

We have another 10 or so dates on our Lucky Guy Summer tour and we’re working on a run in October. Writing, recording, playing. Family. Onward. 

Tour Dates
July 28 – The Windjammer (Isle of Palms, SC)
July 29 – King Street (Brevard, NC)
July 30 – The Blind Tiger (Greensboro, NC)
Aug 19 – Main Street Stage (Bethel, NY)
Sept 3 – The Big Splash (Hector, NY)
Sept 23 – Brooklyn Americana Festival (Brooklyn, NY)