David Legs of Young Boys' Stoned Findings

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Young Boys

I am stoned most the time I watch YouTube, but when I am watching it, I often forget how lucky we all are that we have the ability to go on our computers and watch great times in Rock 'N' Roll history. History in the making. To sit down and watch hours worth of live performances by artists like Elvis Presley, Lou Reed and The Stooges. In small clubs and huge theater venues. To see the fans jumping, screaming, fighting, spitting and the true look of awe and inspiration in their eyes. The selected videos are ones that I currently like at the moment. Tomorrow it will be different.

Need I explain…?

I'm a huge fan of Reggae, Dancehall and DUB. The Sleng Teng Rhythm is one of those you could listen to for hours on end and have it stuck in your head for ever. Throw on the legendary vocals of someone like Cutty Ranks. Classic. Just about the most punk thing on YouTube.

John Weiffenbachs voice always cuts deep. Everyone looks great!

Screamers never had anything officially recorded which is amazing. Only live show recordings. The demos were even recorded live. I read in an interview that they were going to release there first album (before MTV days) just on video.

The Fall is a big inspiration to Young Boys. Every album Mark E. Smith has done is a perfect work of art in our opinion. The man is a brilliant poet and sort of anti musician.

Genesis P Orridge is another hero. Her poetry and lyrics are big inspiration. One of the first musicians I met when I moved to NY was Genesis. I moved across the street from her.

Edwyn Collins is a pretty big hero of mine and a pretty large inspiration. Postcard is a favorite label as well putting out the best Scottish Post Punk! This version of the song has this great sort of reggae feeling to it that I prefer much more than the 7” version.