Day trippin' with The Blank Tapes

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The Blank Tapes

Trip out with us down the YouTube rabbit hole of psychedelic sound & vision. We're sharing some of our favorite videos that we've dug over the daze. And remember, you can use weed and certain psychedelics to buy our latest album Vacation on vinyl or CD. Here we go… 3… 2… 1…

This has become a fairly well-known but completely incredible story about a pro-baseball player who pitched a no hitter while high on acid. The story is accompanied by an awesome, very colorful animation that follows Dock's hilarious narration. Definitely an acid trip gone right! – MA

I've always loved this video of soldiers in Vietnam getting high in creative ways. I don't blame them for trying to keep it lighthearted. I can't imagine what it would be like to be in the army but I'd guess that this for sure would've been us if we'd been drafted. – PC

The theme here is tripping out and you don't necessarily need drugs to do that. In this video we see big cats going crazy for cat nip and if you didn't know any better you definitely would think they'd taken something a little stronger. Each of their reactions are different but equally interesting, it definitely looks like the same range of feelings that one goes through when on a trip. – MA

Like Matt said before, you don't always need drugs to achieve the same effect. I found this video back in the high school days. Like the 21st century kids we were, instead of getting into huffing glue or something like that when we wanted a cheap high we figured out a way to trip out for free on the internet! Put this one on mute (the background music isn't too groovy) and follow the directions to turn on, tune in, and drop out! – PC

When we're on the road driving for hours on end we listen to anything and everything, from music to podcasts, from books on tape to comedy. David Cross is one of our favorites and we were all doubled over laughing after hearing this bit. Here he sums up a psychedelic trip hilariously, not to mention perfectly accurately. Anyone who's ever been there knows exactly what he's talking about. – MA

This video combines one of my loves (watching Cops) with one of our worst fears (getting pulled over on the road). We're so nervous about it we even wrote a song about it! We'd like to think we're a little smarter than this guy but we feel his pain. Hopefully this will never happen to us! – PC

The Blank Tapes' Vacation LP is out now on Antenna Farm.