Deaf Poets Tour Diary, Part IV

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The tail end of our “Lost in Magic City” Tour truly flew by. Given the immense drives, we didn’t have the leisure to explore each city or truly have time to properly rest. Regardless, we had an amazing time and we are looking forward to getting home.Seattle Before our drive to Seattle from Portland, we hung out with our friend and another Miami native, Sasha and her chill dog Herbie. Benny accidentally stepped on Herbie and he went full on vengeance mode and attacked his foot. We were all upset with Benny for almost killing him. :(After a quick recharge, we drove to Seattle to play at The Highline w/ Kid Leather, Mud onMyBra and Ex Licks. We found a parking spot by the mystery vending machine. This is a coca-cola machine from the 80s where you put in a dollar and get a mystery soda. According to Mud onMy Bra, it’s a Seattle landmark. Unfortunately we got root beer… the worse of all soda pops…haha.


We drove overnight after our show in order to make our live radio appearance on KRBX Radio Boise 89.9 FM. Shoutout to Wayne and Speedy for the sick experience. We performed two full live sets with a few questions in between. It’s fun when you can play full volume for a radio and not have to do an acoustic session. We headed to The Reef and explored the area a bit while we waited to play with Zack Quintana and the Tucks. These kids can shred! Thanks to Zack’s dad, Bobby and their family for opening their doors for us. Back at the Reef before our set we had the biggest plate of nachos I’ve ever had the privilege of eating!! We performed for about an hour and fifteen minutes which was the longest set in the entire tour. Immediately after the show we rested for about 4 hours and then began the 12 hour drive to Denver the next morning.


The best part of the drive was without a doubt the beautiful scenery. We drove past beautiful mountains and windmill farms. We also drove through Utah and Wyoming. We stopped in Utah for a bit to stretch and chilled on top of a cliff that oversaw some mountains and the highway. We arrived to Streets of London with just enough time to load in before the show started. It was a hell of a drive. Shout out to Shiii!!! Wha??? and Television Generation for hosting us. It was a sick night! The venue was conveniently located across the street from Voodoo Doughnuts, so Benny and I went to get a few. Everyone in that line seemed to be higher than the person next to them! In a state that recreational use is legal, it’s truly a smart business idea to keep it open 24 hours a day. We spent the night with Bobby, another Miami connection and now a friend. He had a jacuzzi so you best believe we chilled there for a bit which helped tremendously with my back. Thanks for everything, dude!! After another 4 hours of sleep, we made our way to Nashville just to crash at our good friend and former band mate’s place, Jesus Vio. I’ve known Jesus since I was 15 and we’ve played music together for years so it was really nice to just chill together. We currently collaborated on a project together with some of our closest friends. Hopefully we will be releasing that soon!


Unfortunately we had to drive in the middle of a rainstorm between Nashville and Atlanta so this really put us behind schedule. Next stop was Criminal Records to perform an in-store session before our set at 529 w/ Buzzards of Fuzz and Bleach Garden. In our previous stops in Atlanta, we always made time to stop at Criminal Records and now they’re selling our Limited Edition Clear Vinyl! Our friend and fan Jarred came to the show as he always does when we are in town. He was at our first show ever in Atlanta and has been extremely supportive ever since. We love playing ATL and the venue and bands were sick! The night got interesting once we arrived to
Travelodge Inn to spend the night. As soon as I parked the car to check in, this lady asked me for a key so she can do a quick bump. We were very fortunate that she was staying 2 doors down and made sure she came up with clever names to scream at us while we were standing outside. Don’t do drugs, kids.


Jayson from Soul Bar has always been good to us and is someone we know from our very first tour. We love playing there. We performed with Possum Rot who were incredibly sick and heavy. As always, we ate at Nacho Mama’s right next door. We are hoping to head back there soon. Immediately after the show ended we got in the car and drove 5 hours to Gainesville, FL to spend our day off with friend and former band member, Jarred. He’s also part of the project we worked on with Jesus. He’s in a band called Tiny Farm and they’re incredible! We spent the first part of the day hiking through a park and looking at alligators. Felt good to be back in FL, even though the hot and humid weather was something we did NOT miss. After a quick stop at the farmers market, we went back to his house to grill some sausages and anticuchos. After the food induced coma, we watched Logan to cap off the chill night.

Ft. Lauderdale

So close to home! We performed with one of our favorite local bands, Peyote Coyote at Poouhouse in Ft Lauderdale. We love playing this spot! There’s something fun about performing at dive bars that doesn’t compare to playing a huge stage. We almost feel more comfortable playing in those settings. We just used 3 mics and played as loud as possible. The drive back home was short and painless and we couldn’t be more excited to be laying in our own beds. Shoutout to Mike and The Brand for the sick night!


We will be ending our tour in Miami June 3rd at Churchill’s Pub during Miami’s Endless Summer. An event started by Sean a few years back and now co-hosted by Showskii Records. The tour has been a huge learning experience and we can check off the West Coast. Along the way we’ve met incredible people and experienced cities we’ve never even visited before. There are highs and lows like any tour and I can’t wait to do it again. I believe we got closer as a band and as friends. Benny and Dom have been an instrumental help on the road and we couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks to our team back home, Nat and Stephanie,  for keeping us sane and together. Thanks to Impose Magazine for letting me write about our stories of the road.

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