Everything Is Terrible! offers Christmas cheer

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Everything Is Terrible

This is just a preview of what Everything Is Terrible! have in store for their new Holiday Tour and Special. A millennium's worth of VHS memories of misplaced sentimentalities, fist fights over toys for tots, erotic Santas, Nazi elves and an endless parade of singing kids will surely destroy everything! EIT! promise to convert every stage into the tackiest winter wonderland imaginable with all the trimmings; puppets, sing-a-longs, candy, fake snow, and a visit from the big man himself!

A Very Terrible Christmas!

This is that horrible stomach/heart feeling that you get as you drive into Branson, MO. Also, similar to the mass feeling caused by the seasons' first Christmas song blasted in Target on Oct. 31st.

Arnold's Very Special Xmas Party!

Name one person who hasn't dreamt of being a fly on the A-man's wall during the holiday season! Go on, I dare you.

The Sad Story of a Christmas Tree!

This is a gut-wrenchingly sad tale about a tree and a squirrel who were best friends in the forest. Then one day some idiot jerks had ruin everything so that they could decorate a tree for a few weeks.

Glitter n' Gold!

In the Terrible video finding business, there are two very distinct ways things can go. Either you hate or love these clips. GnG is one of the most beloved EIT! clips of all time. Goddam, I love that duo!

Snowdogs vs. Chillydogs!

Two movies that are actually the exact same movie. Both were released in that very difficult time for dog films right before CG mouths really took off. Thank Jesus for CG dog mouths, right?!

Shoji Raps 4 X-Mas!

Shoji is probably the greatest of all of our good friends down in Branson, MO. We all knew he could play the fiddle, but who knew he was a skilled rapper as well?

Brent The Horny Bear!

The thing is that you never really know how a Christmas gift will act when given free will. As it turns out, this stuffed bear is a full-blown child-raping pedophile with a smooth baritone croon!

Christmas Creepshow 2011!

Some holiday seasons are worse than others. All are Terrible, but for some reason 2011 was extra creeptastic! Matching sweatsuits for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything Is Terrible!'s Holiday Special Tour:
05 San Antonio @ Hi-Tones
06 Austin @ Marchesa Hall
07 Houston @ Super Happy Fun Land
08 New Orleans @ Siberia
09 Gainesville @ The Wooly
10 Tampa @ Crowbar
11 Orlando @ Will's Pub
12 Jacksonville @ Sun-Ray Cinema
14 Asheville @ The Mothlight
15 Atlanta @ The Earl
16 Birmingham @ The Bottletree
18 Dallas @ The Texas Theatre
19 Marfa @ Padres
21 Los Angeles @ The Echo