Glove discuss their evolution on excellent debut album Boom Nights

Post Author: Myles Hunt

The Florida new wave up-and-comers shed light on their latest body of work

Capitalizing on this seasonal shift, musicians are back on the road and hoping to win over new fans for the soon-to-be warm weather. Floridians Glove are one exemplary musical group that are attempting to do just that once again. With the success of their debut album Boom Nights this year as well as a notable stint at SXSW, they are bringing the live performances to the masses alongside noise-rock stalwarts A Place To Bury Strangers this summer.

One particular high point on Boom Nights has to be “Behaviour”. Listeners enter a time capsule into the ’80s with synth-driven pop that blends into a familiar goth pulse. Eerie and ponderous vocals keep the vibe going into a territory that begs fans to dance The Snake or The Robocop while also stepping into their own choreographed bubble. What will they create in their minds? Twinkling keys offer a contemporary sensibility that releases an optimistic energy amid the electric gloom. While Boom Nights is well suited for any day, it is impossible to ignore that fans of Stranger Things will latch onto this modern bop as the summer reaches its peak.

To better get a sense of Glove, the group shared their thoughts on a life of continued musical growth.

What’s it like being back out in the world with your music? How does it feel? Do you all have any things you are particularly looking forward to?

It’s invigorating! We are taking nothing for granted and [are] so appreciative to get to be back out in the world sharing our music. We are looking forward to recording new material and all the shows we’re playing this fall!

How was it working with Brad Shultz? Are there any memorable moments?

We can’t say enough great things about Brad! He has become like family to us. He has the most infectious, positive energy and a really great ear. He added some great finishing touches to the record. The most memorable moment would be Harold, the fictional character living on Brad’s stomach. That’s all we can say…

Is there a visual artist that best exemplifies the Glove aesthetic?

Marcel Duchamp, Gertrud Grunow, Kraftwerk and Andy Warhol.

What are some road games you play when traveling? Are there any comedic memories from a trip?

The only game we’ve ever played in the van is “guess which animal I’m thinking of?” Every moment is comedic.

How has the past year shaped this new body of work?

From when we wrote some of these songs to the time they were recorded, was a span of two years, so when we finally got them recorded; they had evolved a bit. This first album was a growing and learning experience for us.