Gringo Star + Shantih Shantih Tour Diary

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Atlanta-based garage/alt-rock collectives Gringo Star and Shantih Shantih have several things in common. Not only are they music aficionados who went on tour together this spring, but clearly they have similar taste in music and people. Two members of Gringo Star are happily married to two members of Shantih Shantih. So the term “all in the family” applies to this situation, in the best way possible. The fact that there is so much talent on display is absolutely ridiculous, but the best part is that they nabbed some amazing disposable shots during their tour together in May, exclusively for Impose. So follow them along on their poetic journey, and make sure to keep up with them on the regular here and here.

#1 Wed May 17 Highway NC. Yes, there’s a cat on the dash.

#2 NickBDayParty

#3 Shantih Boone Saloon

#4 Coming into Philly

#5 Anna B Philly Loadin

#6 Boot & Saddle Philly

#7 Anna B and Julia at Boot and Saddle

#8 Manahattan Corner by Paste Magazine Sesh

#9 Paste Magazine Set

#10 Post Paste Sesh

#11 Anna K and Julia New Haven

#12 Shantih New Haven at Three Sheets

#13 Shantih New Haven at Three Sheets

#14 Gringo at Three Sheets New Haven

#15 Mario at Three Sheets NewHaven

#16 Annas walking for dinner Brooklyn

#17 Jerry, Julia, and George in Brooklyn

#18 Brooklyn at Cape House Shantih+Peter

#19 Gringo at Cape House in Brooklyn

#20 Gringo in Brooklyn at Cape House

#21 Shantih Photo Sesh in Bushwick with Zak Swenson

#22 Bushwick Rooftops

#23 Gringo Shantih Rooftop Bushwick

#24 Mario Bushwick Rooftop

#25 Driving to DC from Brooklyn, Julia gassing up

#26 Back Stage Black Cat DC

#27 Guitars Loading Out of Black Cat

#28 DC Day Off

#29 Josh Lincoln Memorial

#30 Air and Space Museum

#31 Shantih outside Lincoln Memorial

#32 Annapolis

#33 Pete and Josh Annapolis Harbour

#34 Shantih at Metropolitan Kitchen in Annapolis MD

#35 Anna B and Julia at Metropolitan Kitchen

#36 Gringo at Metropolitan Kitchen

#37 Nick and Atlanta drummer pal Pietro in Annapolis

#38 Shantihs in Maryland

#39 Anna Kramer at Mothlight in Asheville NC

#40 Nikki Mothlight

#41 JuliaMothlight

#42 Gringo+Shantih+Mothlight Final Show

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