I Don't Wanna Go Into the Darkness

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Listen to Juiceboxxx's new single, “Expressway to the Darkness”.

What happens when you are almost 26 years old in the USA and still holding onto your teenage dreams? I've been playing shows since the age of 14 and I see no end in sight. My whole career has been an uphill battle and I know this whole thing probably seems crazy, but fuck it. I believe in the music.

Thanks for coming out, my name is Juiceboxxx from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

When I come to your town with The Heartland Band I want you to know that I'm putting it all on the line because it's all I can do. I've toured via Greyhound Bus, I've toured Europe alone, I've toured Alaska in the dead of winter. I went to Russia to play for 20 people. I've played basements in Japan. I'm just trying to bring the music to the kids. No compromise. No surrender. Never Surrender Forever.

This is a saga here, people!

I could be making middling synth pop, experimental music or garage rock like a good portion of my peer group, but I choose to be a white rapper because rap is the defintive American music of our era. It would be insane for me to not make rap music! I'm trying to do it my way and follow in the footsteps of my Rock and Roll heroes.

My new record is called I Don't Wanna Go Into The Darkness and it is just as influenced by Bruce Springsteen and Suicide as it is by rap and regional club music. I'm trying to create a new kind of American music, rooted in rap but part of a bigger story. Every day I wake up and ask myself “what the fuck am I doing with my fucking life” but then I realize that I am a mission and I can't stop now.

You gotta follow your fucked up dreams!



The Ramones, “Danny Says”
Rod Lee, “Dance My Pain Away”
The Sonics, “Psycho”
Dismasters, “Small Time Hustler”
Public Enemy w/ Anthrax, “Bring Tha Noize”
The Replacements, “Hangin' Downtown”
Outkast, “Da Art Of Storytellin' (Part 1)”
John Cougar Mellencamp, “Jack and Diane”
Quad City DJ's, “C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)”
Little Richard, “Hound Dog”
William Bell, “Everybody Loves A Winner”
Bruce Springsteen, “Backstreets”
Suicide, “Keep Your Dreams”

I Don't Wanna Go Into The Darkness comes out July 31st digitally on Juiceboxxx's own THUNDER ZONE and August 14th on Infinity Cat (Vinyl) and Gnar Tapes (Cassette)