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Here is my selection of videos. A bunch of really different aesthetics, from punk through pop, jazz to modern classical and early music. There is even a cartoon for kids. For me, all of these clips have something in common, some kind of mysterious beauty that touches you deeply and leaves you moved and intrigued.

Marc Silver “There are no others, there are only us.” Music: Ben Frost
Several artists (including me) were asked to make music for this video by Marc Silver as a commission work for Unsound Festival 2009. Here is my favorite, Ben Frost's example. An extremely emotive and moving piece of sound.

Krzysztof Komeda “Litany” performed by Tomasz Stanko Sextet
Baltic sea images fit so well to this contemplative, spatial piece of Komeda. Here you have a nostalgic interpretation of Stanko’s.

Pawel Szymanski “Piano Etude”
One of my favorite contemporary composers; this piece for solo grand piano is inspired by a delay effect, which results in such an intriguing piece of meditative music.

Yuri Norstein “Hedgehog in the Fog”
Forgive me for this choice, but Norstein's cartoon is like a music video clip. Great, melancholic soundtrack, but also the melody of the Russian language, and beautiful, poetic animation. Definitely not only for kids.

Armia “3 Fairy Tales”
Armia was a kind of revelation on the Polish punk stage during the 80's. Noisy guitars, a French horn plus metaphysical lyrics gave unusually mystic results. Here is an instrumental piece.

U.N.K.L.E. “Heaven” (Click the picture/link, embedding disabled by request.)
This is not just a skateboard promo. Go through it and you will see what I’m talking about. I think this video is very metaphoric, and carries some kind of deep poetry, even if it looks like a commercial.

Gavin Bryars “Jesus' Blood (never failed me yet)”
The piece is based around a recorded loop of an un-named tramp improvising a hymn. Later when listening to the recordings, Bryars noticed that the clip was very in tune, and that it looped well into 13 bars. The tramp died before being able to hear the completed piece. The studio in which Bryars made the piece was next to a busy art studio. When constructing the piece, Bryars unintentionally left the loop playing and his door open during a lunch break; when he returned, the usually lively studio was quiet and some people were crying.

Yo-Yo Ma – Bach Cello Suite 2 I. Prelude
The best composer ever, played by the best cello player, in a video inspired by splendid artwork of Giovanni Piranesi. No more comments.

Colleen “I'll Read You a Story”
Colleen's albums are like secret gardens full of enchanted trees and magic animals. A small private Eden for my ears.