Mauno’s Guide to Halifax, Part 3

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Two weeks ago, Mauno shared Part I in their three part series on Halifax. Last week, we got Part II. Now, we have the last installment of their city guide. Enjoy.


This is the local pub and grill, Gus’ Pub, where, in the words of our bud Scott Biggar, “the walls always match your shirt”. There’s also a burger joint inside the pub called Ace Burger where you can get a range of exciting burgers like the lamb burger, the pork burger, a po boy (fish), the deluxe, etc. You can also get poutine! It’s pretty good, the poutine. I consider myself a connoisseur. My friends call me “fancy fries”. – Eliza




This is my house.  This is where we make the records — in a tiny closet with room just enough to play guitar and room just lacking to drive you insane in an hour.  My roommates are Michelle and Wes, both poets and both needing and respectful of space.  We’re all Icelanders, unable to get too close to one another.  It’s a house that balances doing and abstraction in a way that makes me excited to still be in Halifax. – Nick


Owned and operated by a lovely man named Ian Fraser, this is Obsolete Records on Agricola St. What’s that?? He doesn’t have that Engelbert Humperdinck re-press in? He’ll order it for you. Don’t get paid ’till Friday? Fear not, Friend. He’ll hold your Humperdinck for a few days. Great selection, great service, great store. Thanks Ian! – Scott 000031

Up on the second floor of that building on the right there is the “Modulating Mansion”. It’s where we jam sometimes and have meetings and throw little shows. It’s a loft space that a bunch of different Halifax bands pitch money on every month. That’s where we had our first practice ever with Scott on the guitar on New Years Eve. We didn’t tell Adam and he just showed up and surprised him (they’re old buds from their hometown Sydney, Cape Breton). – Eliza