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I don’t really have anything to say about this video. It renders me speechless.

I had tickets to go see Terje perform last year in London. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it but I heard the show was amazing. Terje makes and performs with instruments made of ice. It’s so damn beautiful. Like, heavenly.

I’m currently reading Yayoi Kusama’s autobiography Infinity Net. Yayoi is such an amazing woman. I particularly love this video as it gives you an insight into the way she works. At the end of the video you see 100 of her paintings sitting side by side, it’s mind blowing.

I grew up listening to Talking Heads, I’m still kind of growing up listening to Talking Heads. They also have the best dance moves ever e.g this video.

Meadham Kirchhoff are one of my favorite fashion designers. I’m always chasing up their latest collections on You Tube. This particular collection totally blows my mind. I remember the first time I saw footage from this show, I was in shock for like a week. The colour combinations are off the hook. Parts of this show inspired ideas I had for the visual aesthetic of the 7’’ vinyl I recently released.