Mozart's Sister Talks Field of Love, SXSW, and Dream Collaborations

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Caila Thompson-Hannant has cultivated a lifetime of inspiring musical talent throughout her time playing in groups like Shapes and Sizes, Think About Life, and Miracle Fortress. With these talents, Caila has forged a path with her musical project Mozart’s Sister, releasing Field of Love just last week. The album itself is beautiful, with songs that make a statement. Ethereal vocals wind around heavy bass and intense staccato instrumentals in many songs, leaving a unique and incredible impression.
In honor of its release, we caught up briefly with Mozart’s Sister. The interview can be found below.

What’s the story of how you became acquainted with music?
That goes way back to singing at my great great aunt Susan’s house in Vancouver when I was a little girl. She would get me to sing on the step ladder then we would eat Church’s Chicken nuggets. I also loved choir and studying music theory.
Are there any particular things you do to find inspiration to create new music?
Inspiration is pretty unstoppable. Life goes without you doing anything you just have to raise your antennae and gather. And then work very hard to mould experience into product. There is a lot of critical thought involved as well as intuition and non-thinking. Once I have an idea I have to decide what I truly want to say.
You’re inching closer each day to your album release- what’s going through your head?
To be honest there are a lot of nerves working up to a release. I think most people would like to be able to put something out and have it just succeed but there is a lot of work between making a record and having it do well in the world. The process of making videos, doing promotion, photo shoots planning travel and stuff is much less familiar to me. I like making tunes! But this time around I am much more excited about working on the non-music side of it. It’s actually pretty rewarding.
Is there a specific frame of mind that would best lead a new listener to connecting well with the album?
Be ready for cartoon 90s dance with emotional lyrics. Fun and honest.
Planning any album release shows or parties?
Yes I’m doing shows along the East coast then West coast. I’m also playing SXSW this year. For me the real party is gonna be in Montréal, home town crowd at the Arbutus Records office.
What’s the story behind the album?
I wanted to make a record that was about love. Romantic love but as if felt by an alien. Naive and a little saccharine. I had a stronger sense of continuity at the outset for this record. I imagined a brightly-coloured positive record. It was a pleasure to write and record.
Do you have any dream collaborations with other artists or producers?
I do! And luckily for me I am actually already collaborating with one of them. You will hear more about it this year. I would really like to be Brian Eno’s studio intern. Hah I don’t think I’ve ever thought of that till now. I’d like to work at the Skywalker Ranch learning about sound design. I’d like to hang out with Arca and do vocals with them. I’d also like to be inside Missy Elliott’s brain for a session.
How has music become a part of your life?
Well I left university in second year and began touring across North America. That’s been most of my life since. I was very lucky to have a supportive group of band members when I started writing, they really encouraged me to make songs. My parents have also been quite supportive and proud of my musical pursuits.
Field of Love is available now.