Penthouse Penthouse and Bobby Saint Talk Upload EP, Prep for September 10th Show

Meredith Schneider

Los Angeles’ DJ duo and live band Penthouse Penthouse collaborates with some pretty impressive people in the R&B and hip hop world on the regular. They’re a part of “Team Supreme”, a crew in LA known for bringing unique flavor to their sound space. Their most recent collaborative effort comes with the sound of Barbados’ Bobby Saint in the Upload EP, which was released in June. The EP, which is easily the most vibey work you’ll hear for a while, is infused with raspy, soulful vocals, smooth (often 90’s inspired) beats, and really fun synth work.

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We got to speak briefly with the guys about their work, their DO NOT MISS September show, and what animal they would ideally be. Check it out.

Tell me about yourselves.

Penthouse Penthouse: We are Mike Parvizi & Preston Walker. We met through our music collective TeamSupreme (check the documentary about TeamSupreme below). Preston and I started making all these soul-inspired jams and sample flips that had this definitive, classy sound. We found the name Penthouse Penthouse through an episode of Workaholics & the rest is history.

Bobby Saint: I am a singer/songwriter and producer haling from the isle of Barbados.  I moved to the US around 6 years ago and have worked with artists all over the world. I currently am putting the finishing touches on my solo release, but the Upload EP is incredible and am super happy to release it with Penthouse Penthouse.

What was the inspiration behind this EP?

PHPH: When we first linked with Bobby Saint there was this mutual respect – we both knew each other’s work and the vibe in the studio was way up. We made 69 Camaro first, and decided to keep exploring that sound with live bass and keys. It was a total departure from everything else that any of us have done.

Why did you guys choose to name it “Upload EP?”

PHPH & BS: ‘Upload,’ the title track, is about a sex tape. That word is what do we do with everything these days – we upload it to the internet. It’s almost like a commentary in some ways… It’s a double, triple entendre. Listen & find out ;D

Which track was the most fun to make and why?

PHPH & BS: ’69 Camaro’ was definitely when the magic first happened. It’s such a hilarious lyrical concept and just pure fun. Everything else that followed was exploring this new path that we found by creating that sound first.

Bobby – who inspires you the most, musically?

BS: The List is long for me but I would say: Take 6 & Raphael Saadiq to be some of my biggest influences, however I feel the chunk of my creative prowess comes from life experiences feed to my subconscious.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Preston (PHPH): Misha (Promnite‘s Chow Chow) cuz she’s beloved by all <3

Mike (PHPH): A dolphin probably.

BS: Owl for sure.

If you could describe this EP as food item, what would it be and why?

PHPH & BS: It would be caviar followed by a desert comprised of one of those warm chocolate cakes you get from Cheesecake Factory for free on your birthday, with a side of cold ice cream… followed by a spliff.

What is your favorite thing about working with Bobby Saint?

PHPH: Bobby has this energy where you wanna hang out with him. We actually go kick it outside of the studio and play pool at bars and do other things just to vibe and get inspired. Every time we’re out with Hal he ends up meeting like 20 new random people just because that’s who he is lol. Bobby also isn’t afraid to get weird and explore new feelings and new directions – we always strive to be different and be honest and he is on that same wave. It’s a good match.

What can we expect for the future?

PHPH & BS: We are working on some records for Bobby Saint’s full length LP that we are really stoked about. Keeping it in the same vein as the Upload EP but expanding and pushing the boundaries out a little further.

We also are performing live with Bobby Saint at the TeamSupreme show at the El Rey Theater in LA on September 10th. Mike (from Penthouse Penthouse) has been touring with Vic Mensa helping them out with their live show, and is flying to LA from Vic Mensa’s European tour in Iceland to be a part of the show, and leaving immediately afterwards for London to go back on tour with Vic, so you have absolute no excuses if you don’t show up. Come out & say hi!

The Upload EP is available now.

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