Raveena Talks New Single, Loves Food

Raveena Aurora has been making a strong case for herself in the music industry, despite the fact that she is a new name to the world. With three collaboration singles under her belt with talented producer Everett Orr in just the last few months, her lasting power is unquestionable. Raveena is here to stay.

“Johnny It’s The Last Time” displays Raveena’s gorgeous vocals, blending R&B and pop into a sultry track that takes a stand for itself, both lyrically and in its case as a standout song. The storytelling is absolutely heartbreaking, and the instrumentals woven gloriously into the track are a far cry from a lot of the cookie cutter synth/pop we’ve been hearing on the radio as of late. The song makes an impact. And perhaps that’s what we’ve been craving in music as of late.

We spoke with the talented artist/producer about the single, her process, and – of course – food.

How would you describe your sound?

A lush collage of R&B, hip-hop, soul, jazz. Poetry and storytelling is insanely important to me as an artist, so I hope people who are fans of reading lyrics will catch that. Right now the few tracks I have out are really positive and upbeat, which is probably a direct reflection of how excited I was to find a producer I really clicked with and a sound that really reflected who I am. But now I’m excited to expand on that sound, while delving into more emotional spaces and adding more breadth and vocal range/color to my work.  

Where do you draw inspiration from for your music?

Right now – old school soul/R&B musicians who were insanely dedicated to their craft. This is always a hard question for me because being an artist is just a way of life and a kind of spirituality for me, so it’s hard to pinpoint a few sources.

What was the process behind “Johnny It’s The Last Time”?

It was definitely a labor of love for both me and my producer, Everett Orr and I think we created something that was a true marriage of our diverse influences. 

What was your favorite part of creating “Johnny It’s The Last Time”?

When “Johnny” was just a demo, the incredible trumpet player on the track, Josh Shpak, came to my tiny LES apartment so we could go over his arrangement on the track. He started improvising a solo over the demo, and I could feel the track come alive. I remember we had to hush him a bit because I was worried about the sound wafting through the building and the neighbors getting upset, but my heart was definitely beaming over how warm and soulful his instrument sounded.

When Everett sent me his part mixed into the track I remember crying. 

What do you want people to take away after hearing that track?

A transference of good energy!!

If you were a 3 course meal, what would each meal be and why?

To start: A small bowl of spiced sweet potato and coconut soup. 4 pitted Kalamata olives and a toasted slice of baguette. 

Main: Medium rare filet mignon with chimichurri sauce. Glazed wild carrots and creamy polenta. 

Dessert: Chocolate chip pancakes with a dollop of labne (middle eastern yogurt) and lots of strawberries. 

You can probably tell that food is really special to me and all of my friends who have been on tour have me freaked out about the lack of access me and my band members will have to homemade / healthy meals while on the road  :*(  

What’s up next for you?

I am definitely putting out more music in the Fall, and an EP sometime after that. Live shows are on the horizon too.