Sacre Shares Incredible Single "Gaia", Talk Conservatory Upbringing, and Consistent Studio Life

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Parisian duo Sacre recently released their debut single unto the world, a bass-filled, synth dream that will knock you off your feet at first listen. We’re adding it to several of our upcoming Springtime playlists, in anticipation that their current studio time will the inspiration to continue to create similarly incredible tracks. We got to throw some questions at them recently. So sit back and get to know your new favorite international – and intergalactic – duo!
What was the first song/album you remember hearing? Who introduced it to you?
SUKIL: DANCE from JUSTICE brought by a friend I loved.
Hawaii5: Another One Bites the Dust from QUEEN, played at home by my mother!
Did that experience have any big influence on who you are as artists now?
Hawaii5: Hmmm maybe it influenced me yes..I realize now I’m playing music at home too…more seriously QUEEN is obviously part of my musical construction and will be eternally a synonym of musical freedom.
SUKIL: I think DANCE gave me so much joy that it passed me the idea that being an artist is being the person who bring this joy. And I love to dance!
When did you decide to pursue music?
SUKIL: I started conservatory at 6 and left it at 20. I don’t have the exact date but it happened somewhere in these 14 years!
Hawaii5: After my first screening of Star Wars I came back home and played the main theme on my sister’s organ, I was nine. From that moment music was my life.
Was there an “a-ha” moment for you?
SUKIL: Yes at my dad’s parties!
Hawaii5: If an all-night December party at someone’s home in Dingle (Ireland) that I didn’t know, spent to dance on a a-ha best-off counts then yes.
What’s the origin story of Sacre? (Was it a meet cute?)
S&H: SACRE Is because we met slowly. Because some very delicate lines were dropped. Because we both wanted to share something radiant.

“Gaia” is such a smooth tune. What made you choose to utilize that as the first single?
Hawaii5: We found Gaia was the easiest way to bring people to our world. We didn’t think about it a lot in fact..something was obvious I believe…
How do you imagine people listening to “Gaia”?
SUKIL: Deep in a mellow couch!
Hawaii5: Smiling like me when I’m listening to it!
What serves as the ultimate inspiration for your work?
S&H: Is life too much? Haha. In fact we immerse ourselves into scenes we create to translate what we feel at that moment into notes and beats. So, yes, maybe life is not too much finally!
What’s your favorite song right now?
SUKIL: Hands of time – Kraack & Smaack
Hawaii5: Sunset – Etienne De Crécy
What do you think is the future of the music industry, based on how it’s going currently?

S&H: Sincerely we have no answer. We are quite disconnected from the music industry, locked in the studio 7/7.
What do you think is the most important issue facing modern society?
Hawaii5: Hold on I call François Hollande…

Are there any artists that you would like to collaborate with in the future?

S&H: We’ve got a very very very long list. The start could be:
Ennio Morricone, Jungle, Justice, Keith Ape, Flume, Pink martini, Deadmau5…
What would your advice be to people who are pursuing their own passions?
S&H: We think people who have passions are lucky people. Just fight for it.
What’s up next for you two?
S&H: Life. We are working right now on a music video for Gaia. We will release an EP progressively during the next months.
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