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sea of bees

I live in Sacramento California, I am moving soon to a house in midtown. It will be my first real home situation. I can walk barefoot and be in a place that is fitted to my taste. Have a colourful garden full of veggies and plants with little trinkets that I have collected around the world from tours, surrounding me in odd little places. I love Spanish style tiles that I would crumble and perhaps put in unexpected parts of my garden maybe in the cemented area? Some special pieces of art hung, small pieces, colourful, meaningful and abstract (by my friends). A big library of vinyl LPs in their place, next to my brown and gold console. A tube receiver right next to the console. with a nicely balanced turntable. My tape deck as well underneath it. I want a rope swing for my homies in the backyard. A nicely hidden bar with old weathered wood inside the living room.

Amazing jam sessions in my back house, I’ll make You a martini dry or mojito. You will be accompanied by my cat Wee, He has no tail, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He is pretty mellow. We can go in the kitchen, square checkered light blue and white floors with vintage red seats. We can chill and talk about the new issue of Tape Op Mag… or of the things that blow our minds.

Do you want to go on a bike ride? I have another road bike… lets wake up tomorrow morning and go to my coffee shop five blocks away… get an iced coffee. Sounds cool. We’ll be mellow yellow in my town.