Sebastian Ulstad Olsen Talks Death By Unga Bunga’s Fight!, Still Likes Breakfast and Lunch

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Earlier this month, we premiered the last big “hoorah!” – single “FleshSweatPush” – before Death By Unga Bunga‘s brilliant return with their new EP Fight! In honor of the September 9th release, we threw some questions at Sebastian Ulstad Olsen about the EP, and life in general. Genius words below.

I am so curious, where did the name Death By Unga Bunga come from?

A sami war lord came to me in a dream and spoke 4 words; Death By Unga Bunga, and exactly 3 months later it came to us via a stone tablet at the foot of mount Besseggen as well.

How would you guys describe your music and your style?

We consider ourselves as part of the new wave of power pop. We’ve been really obsessed with Sheer Mag and Mike Krol the last couple of years, and I feel that it reflects on our EP.

Talk to me about your most recent EP, Fight!

It was a really quick process to make this EP. We wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the songs in about 7 weeks. There is no guitar amps in any of the songs, and that’s the reason why it sounds so crispy. As our engineer and mixer, Morten Øby, said: “Everything is wrong, but it feels right”.

What was your favorite part of creating the EP?

Probably recording. It was very fun doing it in our rehearsal space. The vibe is more playful when you don’t have to worry about the “meter running” like in an external studio. You have time to focus on the smaller details.

Did you encounter any challenges creating this EP?

NO. This is a masterpiece. We’re the best.

What has been your favorite moment as a band so far?

We had a beautiful orgy on a hot summer day in 2014. Only band members allowed. And our faithful sound engineer Erik Dudek of course.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

I would be a common dwarf mongoose. Majestic, righteous and sassy. A small version of me.

What’s the best meal of the day?

Definitely dinner. It’s more of it, it’s warm and it tastes better. Sorry breakfast and lunch! I still like you too<3.

What’s coming up next for you guys?

We’re doing a couple of shows in Norway before we head off to a small UK-tour in November. We managed to do three releases in 2016, so next year has to be just as productive. I’m thinking 5-6 records. AT LEAST. We’re also coming back to the US in 2017 to squirt some of our salty rock’n’roll in your innocent American faces.

Fight! is available now.