Shy Luv Talk Inspiration, A Chance Encounter, and Shock Horror

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Manchester’s producer duo Shy Luv – comprised of Sam Knowles (aka Karma Kid) and Jake Norma (aka Armeria) – has come a long way in 2016. And they’re honing their sound to tackle 2017 in what just might be the most endearing way possible. They’ve claimed a sound that is “disco meets funk-punk meets electronic,” and with Sam stepping in on vocals, what’s not to love?

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In honor of their musical journey – and in preparation for what’s to come – we interviewed the duo. Read below for talk about inspiration, chance, and Shock Horror.

How did you get your start in music?

We bumped into each other in a chance meeting flying through the air at light speed, it was pretty mental. We had a mutual love of Balkan tech house so we hit off instantly.

What was the earliest record you can remember leaving an impression on you?

Jake: Depeche mode singles 81-85. My mum and dad used to play it in the kenwood hi fi when I was growing up.

Sam: Nirvana – Nevermind. Before I found this album in my dads cd rack, all I used to listen to was 5ive and NSYNC.

How supportive are your friends and family in your pursuit of music?

Our friends take the piss out of us and have always kept us grounded which we love them for. Family have supported us since the beginning and helped us grow to who we are now.

How does the success of a track like “Joyrider” impact your future work?

Having a track like “Joyrider”, has changed our lives. We both just recently moved to the Hamptons and sam’s started dating a Hollywood superstar who can’t be named.

What keeps you inspired to continually create music?

Clouds, the sky, space and chasing that unattainable woman.

Where do you feel most comfortable, as an artist? On the road, at live shows, in the studio, at home?

Our true home will always be in our own little studio bubble apart from when we get to share what we’ve created.

What’s the most challenging moment or obstacle you’ve encountered on your path to being here today?


What’s your dream collaboration?

Probably Feist or James Murphy right now

What’s the most imaginative way you could introduce yourself to a crowd, if you had zero limitations?

In an ideal world we would enter the stage as puddles and then slowly become solid in form towards the end of the show.

Anything else you’d like to add, for our readers to know?

Look out for our new EP Shock Horror dropping early next year.


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