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The Misters Premiere Complicated People, Talk Challenges and Getting Spicy

“There’s so much beautiful and well thought-out art that’s being created.”

Icarus The Owl Talks Musical Past, “A Thousand Miles” Cover, and Live of Touring

“Music is cathartic.”

Plaid Brixx Talk Self-Titled EP, Inspiration, and Conspiracy Theories

“My method is to try to write every day.”

Teddy Edwards Talks Debut Single “My Name”, Has Been Writing Songs Since He Was 9

“When people connect with your music, they’re connecting with you.”

JOHNNYSWIM Talk Georgica Pond, Challenging Moments, and Dream Introductions

“We hope it becomes an inheritance for our son one day.”

Denm Shares Cover of “Hey Ya” and Dreamy New Playlist

A beautiful piano rework of Outkast’s 2003 song.

Chandler Travis Shares New Album Waving Kissyhead Vol. 2 & 1, Talks Altering His Course and Fun Tour Memories

“Life is a crapshoot!”

Glassio Shares “Search & Destroy”, Talk Meeting at NYU and Fun Music-Making Dynamic

“We really connect over melodic, and soulful music.”

Dave Hause Releases Bury Me In Philly, Talks “Aha” Moment

“I feel like someone just gave me the keys to the Millennium Falcon.”

Alex Dezen Talks Upcoming Alex Dezen II, Outlines Journey Back to Music

“The flood gates opened, and they haven’t stopped since.”

A Valley Son Shares Debut EP Sunset Park, Talks Inspiration and An Old Chevy Malibu

“We’re a pretty unapologetic rock-and-roll band.”

Goodman Premieres “Hourglass”, Talks Upcoming The Vicissitudes and His 6th Grade Science Teacher

“I think this album is the ‘albumiest’ of the Goodman albums so far.”

Sxip Shirey Talks A Bottle of Whiskey and a Handful of Bees, Coping With Depression, and Janelle Monae

“I created islands of peak moments of joy.”

Ty Richards Talks Upcoming Zillion, Creativity, and Dream Collaboration

“These songs are like children to me at this point.”

Julie Hawk Talks Musical Past, Forthcoming She Knows EP, and Gets Real About Political Landscape

“I find that this record is really connected to London for me.”

Ian Vanek of Howardian Talks “Box Turtle”, Has a Message For Us All

“I hear songs infinitely.”

Fickle Friends Talk Constant Touring, Recent Success, and Dream Collaboration

“That feeling of buzz at the time was awesome.”

Sam Phillips Talks Working on Gilmore Girls, 8 Song SAMpler, and Upcoming Projects

“I have been very lucky to have been surrounded by a lot of love”

Blair Crimmins Preps to Release You Gotta Sell Something, Talks Inspiration and Modern Twist

“Just cut loose and have fun.”


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