Plaid Brixx Talk Self-Titled EP, Inspiration, and Conspiracy Theories

Michael Brummett + Meredith Schneider

As Columbus, Ohio’s rock collective Plaid Brixx takes on America in support of We The Kings this spring, their Plaid Brixx EP gets more and more acclaim for its interesting and intricate blend of classic rock and futuristic sound bytes and layers. To sum it all up, these guys are all about adrenaline-pumping, big tracks (i.e. “Away We Go“).

In honor of all of their recent success, we took a moment to speak with the band about their music, their message, and… conspiracy theories. Check out our quick interview below!

Why music? What’s in it for you?

Because I have to. No one takes this difficult path unless they have to. Anyone who doesn’t truly have the calling falls off the wagon before they get to the market. You have to want to succeed so badly you are truly (not just in theory) willing to risk all of your personal funds, relationships, time, health and ultimately your life. If I was able to be happy being a banker, I would just do that but I was born to write and perform songs.

What are some of the earliest records you can remember listening to?

My first record was Will Smith’s Big Willie Style. Other early listens were Nirvana before I could walk, and The Beach Boys discography. The bands that shaped who I am as a person today by listening to them as a teen were Blink-182, Tool, Sum-41 and System Of A Down.

How have you been preparing for your tour?

I did a lot of rowing at the gym, as well as intense cardio-heavy workouts! And I ate healthy food in preparation for a long period of having to eat when and what I can get.

What goes through your head when you win awards for ‘Best Rock EP’? Does it validate your pursuit of music?

We didn’t win, but we were nominated for The Independent Music Awards’ Best Rock EP and just that was glorious! It totally validated me and changed my mindset to, “ok, so it’s not just me, I do write good songs and maybe this is going to work out!”

What sort of cohesion- or togetherness- have you forged in your time creating music together?

Here’s a great example: today I woke up on the morning of our biggest show to date, the PlayStation Theater in Times Square, NYC, with a cold. Which sucks, and it put me in a bad mood. At least, until I got into the van with the guys and then just talking to them for a few minutes lifted my spirits and rekindled my excitement. They are great dudes.

How do you stay or become inspired to continually create music?

Though difficult at times, my method is to try to write every day regardless of whether I want to or not. Sometimes I have zero time to write because of other obligations and sometimes I am just completely exhausted. But whenever I can, I write because it’s my favorite thing to do and when I write, I am hoping that I am creating songs that inspire people to be happy and to believe that they can get through whatever challenges they are facing. I also tend to get inspired by women very easily, so if there is a lady in my life at the time I will write dozens of songs about her.

Plaid Brixx EP was released on Plaid Robot Records- sounds like a conspiracy to us. Any thoughts?

I am into conspiracy theories, so this is an interesting one haha. YOU WILL LISTEN TO THE NEW EP OR YOUR PLAID OVERLORDS WILL DESTROYYYY YOUUUUU.

Following your early 2017 tour, what are the plans for the rest of the year?

We are going to release a ton of new music that I have been working on for a while! And I can’t wait to get back to writing more music!  And I am pretty sure we’ll play some more shows!

Anything else you’d like to let the readers of Impose Magazine know?

We are so grateful to have made it this far and our fans are amazing for getting us here. We look forward to many many more years of music. Thanks for taking the time to interview us!


Plaid Brixx is out now on Plaid Robot Records. Keep up with the guys here.

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