Teddy Edwards Talks Debut Single "My Name", Has Been Writing Songs Since He Was 9

17 year old pop/r&b up-and-comer Teddy Edwards has been riding high off the success from his debut single “My Name”, which premiered just last fall. His New York location must have played a hand in his genre-blending abilities as a vocalist, a voice you can note key influences in. There’s nowhere to go but up for this one, so we collaborated on a “getting to know you” session.
IMPOSE auadience, meet Teddy Edwards.
Why music? What’s in it for you?
I have fun with it. One of the greatest privileges in life is getting to do what you love, and for me that’s music. It’s always been a part of my life and it’s how I express myself. Creating music and getting to share it with, and hopefully inspire, others keeps me going.

How supportive have your friends and family been in your pursuit of music?

I’m very fortunate to have friends and family who support my career choice and are understanding of its demands. To constantly be creating and sharing my music can be demanding on my time. My friends and family have been great with letting me do what I need to and helping me out in whatever way they can.
How do you continually find the inspiration to keep creating music?
Inspiration has never really been a problem for me. I think this is probably because my music is true to who I am and the experiences I go through. Sometimes, when people are writing about things that aren’t true to who they are, it shows through their music. Because I’m honest with myself, and not afraid to tell things the way they are, the inspiration is there.

Where do you feel the most comfortable as an artist? On stage, in the studio, somewhere else?

Working in the studio vs performing on stage are both really unique from each other. Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio finishing up the remainder of my album. Creating is always a special experience because it’s where you create the spark that then lives forever on the record. I’ve also always loved performing and develop a certain connection every time I am on stage living in the moment and feeling the song.
Is there a particularly challenging moment that has defined your journey so far?
Although I’m only 17, I’ve experienced a lot. Besides the challenges of growing up and finding who I am as a person, I’ve gone through a lot, which I think can be seen in my upcoming album. Every hard time I’ve gone through or lesson I’ve learned contributes to my character, and of course my music.
With your EP coming out this year, what’s going through your head? Are you anxious? Excited?
Luckily, I haven’t had enough free time to be anxious yet. I think once I get a deadline set in stone and things start to get closer to the release I’ll be thinking more about how the album is received, but right now I’m just immersed in the creation, which is very exciting. Among lots of incredible people, I’ve been working closely with Andrew Wuepper (Grammy nominated mixer who mixed most recently Justin Bieber’s album, Purpose) who’s been helping to oversee the project and pulling out my best for the album.

You’ve been around music almost your entire life. How does all of your experience play into your creation of “My Name”?
Well I’ve been writing songs since I was 9, and co-wrote this song back in 2014. At the time I hadn’t started producing so “My Name” was produced by two really talented producers: Phredley Brown (musical director for Bruno Mars/Selena Gomez) and George Pajon Jr. (guitarist for the Black Eyed Peas). I think more of my recent experiences will be heard on my upcoming album.
Do you have a dream collaboration with another artist, producer, or someone else?
Of course, there are so many. If I had to choose one at the moment, it would probably be Miguel. He has the same straightforward, honest messages throughout his music and he creates some really cool stuff. I definitely think it would be interesting to see what we come up with if I ever had the chance to collaborate with him.
If you could introduce yourself to an audience in any way, no constraints, how would you?
Through the music. Every opportunity I get for people to hear about who I am, I’m grateful for. Music speaks for itself and when people connect with your music, they are connecting with you. Ultimately, a person’s thoughts towards me as an artist will be determined by listening to my music.
Anything else you’d like to let the readers of Impose Magazine know?
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for music from my new album, coming very soon.
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