Spoek Mathambo's “Jawns That Make My Nature Rise”

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Spoek Mathambo

These are 10 jawns that make my nature rise, as well as a couple all-time favourites.

James Pants – Sitting On The Couch, Turning Into Stone
I'm not sure how or
why I've been sleeping on James Pants so hard…I think it has
something to do with my wife liking him so much…I was kind of like
'Fuck James Pants!'…i get insecure sometimes. Then I randomly did some
spying on him to see if he had any plots to steal my wife and landed on
his soundcloud…found this MONSTER! I really hate comparisons but this
sounds to me like what Tricky should sound like in 2010 whispering over
smoked out beats and dope female vox…SICK!

Sitting On The Couch, Turning Into Stone by jamespants

Bad Brains – Sailin' On
Definately one of my favourite 10 songs ever

This has been a staple
song in my life for a long time…never lets me down… I never
bore…and because it's so bloodclot short and intense the whole way
through, i will usually spend hours with it on loop…cycles and cycles.

Nothemi featuring Phuzekhemisi – Ngiyathokoza
Nothemi is a legend of
South African guitar music. I absolutely love this lady for how sweet
her voice is, how dope her guitar playing is and her insane style! This
is South African music that just makes my head spin round and round.
Phuzekhemisi features on this and he is a legend as well. Together with
another dude, HhashiElimhlope they formed a super group of guitarists in
this style.

MellowHype – Hell Featuring Frank Ocean
In the crazy,
twisted, dark and evil world of OFWGKTA where rape and assbleeding are
common themes, Mellowhype may seem soft/boring…but their album
BlackenedWhite has really gotten to me. I think they're dope…a perfect
continuation of laidback California rap. Mad skills, flavour, and funk.
This is my favourite song on there…I listened to this throughout my Xmas holiday in snowy Sweden.

DJ Zinhle – Pepe – RootsSouth African comedian David Kau acts the damn fool in this video, I love it!
I've known DJ Zinhle as being one of the biggest house DJs in my
hometown Johannesburg, as well as having started a DJ school exclusively
for girls… what I didn't know is that she is producing such badass
down and dirty township tech! Love it.

Mashup Internation and Gnucci Banana – Animal (Miike Snow Cover)
This is another family
affair…in the biggest sense, this is my wife's soca cover of
“Animal”…I always looove hearing her go IN with the rhymes. This song
actually gets everyone sweaty and buck in the cluuuub…

Devo – Satisfaction
Definately one of my favourite 10 songs ever
I was tempted to start
this one by saying 'fuck The Rolling Stones', but the fact that this one
is so much better than the original is besides the point…or maybe
it's exactly the point, that the groove got 2 decades to stew in
people's mind before Devo came forward. This is so goddamn funky…the
word funky is a bit gross…but jesus, this is like 'blue cheese in a
sock make your face ugly' funky…the rhythm section is just merking
this one. Dude on the vocals also destroys…I have a boner.

GTO (Cerebral Vortex x Raziek) – Killer (Sam Tiba Remix)It's a family affair!!
This is a remix of a song by my bro and partner in rhyme Shamon Cassette
aka Cerebral Vortex…remixed by my homey Sam Tiba. Sam thugs the hell
out of the beat…the snippet of girl singing…the rhymes…bonkers.

Raziek & Cerebral Vortex – Killer (Sam Tiba Remix) by Booty Call Records

William Devaugn – Be Thankful For What You Got
Definately one of my favourite 10 songs ever
I love how this song plays
both the humble 'be thankful' and humble whiles be broke card, whiles
also promoting that pimped out 'diamond in the back, sun rooftop,
digging the scene with a gangsta lean'…TV ANTENNA IN THE BACK! I'm
simultaneously trying to get over how broke I am when listening to this,
whiles scheming on how to get those goddamn gangster white wall…and a
car to put them on.

Blaqstarr – Go Get My Gun (Carli Remix)'YOU KEEP ON FUCKING AROUND, I'M GON' GO GET MY GUN'
My wife and I always thought he was saying, 'You keep on fucking around,
don't wanna be my girl'…when we realised it was a murder ballad of
sorts she kind of likes it less…i like it more now.

Blaqstarr – Go Get My Gun (Carli Remix) by Bucko Sounds – Doyo