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Frankie: I’ve been friends with Michael Avishay (of Ghost Animal) for about two years and he said he wanted to start a label with Death Party and wanted to put out our EP. We recorded in the living room. I’ve been a fan of twee pop for quite a while. We all listen to a lot of different types of music. We just want our songs to be as pop as possible and we pull from that. For the new album all the songs that haven’t been recorded we just started to record. It’s anywhere from 10 to 15 songs that we have and we’re going try to record them all and piece it together as a full length and see what happens with it.

Jose: I started to learn how to record and do all that about three or four years ago, it kind of started with my dad who met this one kid around my age and he asked me if I would be interested in stuff like that and if so, he would help me invest in recording equipment. And little by little we built it up, and after I started jamming with [Surf Club] I told them I record at home so if we write anything we can do it at my house we don’t have to ask around we can just do it here, but yeah it was a fun recording process, we went back and forth, changing stuff…

Frankie Soto's Picks

The Swirlies , “Jeremy Parker”

One of the songs I was listening to earlier. The guitar starts off really aggressive but his voice is still soft and everything. I feel like that’s how we sound a little bit because I don’t have a strong voice or anything. We try to make up for it with our guitar work being loud and aggressive.

Backstreet Boys, “I Want it that Way”

When that song came out , my older cousin got me into them and I was like 5 or whatever and I just loved that music video with the airplanes, jets, with the suits and nice jackets.

The Wake, “Talk about the Past”

One of my favorite bands' music videos for one of my favorite songs. The mixture of the music and warm video glow go really well together. I like how it starts off with the keys and you see the girl play it, I thought that was really cool.

Drop Nineteens , “Winona”

My friend showed me this band a while back and around the same time I was really into re-watching The Adventures of Pete and Pete episodes and I heard one of their other songs on the show called “Delaware” which made me get even more stoked off of them.

Jose Medina's Picks

Los Prisioneros, “Tren al sur”

I used to hear that song very frequently when I was a kid, like at dances and parties. Never knew the name of it, until I re-stumbled upon it. Now it's one of my favorites.

The Ramones, “Rock and Roll High School

This video is important to me. I was in the 6th grade when I first saw this video. it kind of introduced me to punk and playing faster music. At the time I was mostly just playing jazz guitar and drums. The Ramones showed me that there's more.

The Doors, “Break on Through(To the Other Side)”

I think it was when I was in 5th grade I was starting to get more into swinging jazzy drums and that was the first song I heard from them. The songs starts off with a chilling rhythm to it and the video is dark with Jim Morrison singing and that’s what lead me into playing more rock.

Alfonso Robles' Picks

Earth Wind and Fire, “Serpentine Fire”

Earth Wind and Fire, I really dig their stuff, that funky bass, I dig that subby bass sound.

Los Bukis, “Loco Por Ti”

I really love this song and their dance moves and their clothes.

La Maldita Vecindad, “Morenaza”

One of the bands that my uncle showed me when I was a kid. The music video is hilarious. Dude is playing music on the bed of a truck that’s going through their town. One of the dudes is even shredding while he’s on roller blades.

Too Short, “I’m a Player”

That’s a good video.

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