The Fame Riot Talk Recent Success, Life on the Road, and Wearing a Zebra Thong

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

What was the first album/song you remember listening to, and who introduced it to you?
Liz: My brother Ben gave me his Stevie Wonder Greatest Hits disk, when I was 8 years old.. I remember the melodies being life changing.
Shazam: My first introduction to the “idea” of music was “Money” by Pink Floyd. My dad took me to get an ice cream cone because I was feeling a bit down, and he put that song on and said, “Don’t tell your Mother” and my entire world turned upside down. BTW momma is the greatest woman in the world.
When did you decide music was your calling? Was there more of an “aha” moment?
Liz: It was at the cusp of a musical change in my life.. I had just abandoned an old dream of being a classic rock n roll guitarist. I had started writing songs electronically and meshing my guitar riffs with fat club beats. After creating our first four track demo, I realized that I had created a rare form of sonic magic with Shazam.
Shazam: I don’t know about a specific moment of epiphany. I was moved and fascinated by sound and music from very early on in my childhood. I knew for a fact that I wanted to make sound and make it in my own way and that is what I do.
You recently signed with Another Century — congratulations! How does it feel?
Liz: Thank you so much, it feels great! It’s so new for us.. but it feels incredible to be learning so much about the industry and to have an outstanding team of individuals who believe in what you’re reaching to attain, and who are helping you attain such heights.
Shazam: It feels like a promotion in the greatest career field imaginable. The team at Another Century have been absolutely delightful to work with. I certainly feel inspired to go above and beyond in my work. It does not change anything fundamental about our sound or our creativity. We felt great about their team and they felt great about our work. I am looking forward to the future and really enjoying having someone pushing us towards MORE.

“Heart Stray” continues to garner a lot of attention. What, specifically, influenced that song?
Liz: I’d say that the song acknowledges the distinguishable differences between those who are willing to give up on their hopes and dreams and those who continue to persevere and suffer for what they believe in. It uses a love relationship as a perfect reference for how one person can have absolute resolve while the other person is slipping further away into their own doubts and darkness, eventually giving up on the dream they previously desired. It’s about taking things to a level that goes far deeper than the surface illusion.
All time favorite song. GO!
Liz: NOT FAIR!! But I love Michael Jackson’s “Baby Be Mine”.
Shazam: Oh my giddy Aunt…. “Extinction In Our Eyes” – Club of the Sons, “Golden Years” – David Bowie, “There Will Never Be” – Harry Nilsson, and “Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy” – Queen and that’s only because I seriously will hate myself for ever trying to answer this.
Favorite article of clothing?
Liz: The one that comes off the quickest!
Shazam: The Energy Rag.
You’ve been traveling like crazy over the last several months, and doing some big things with your live show. What has been your favorite performance so far?
Liz: I must say, our last NYC show was absolutely lit. I’d never played in front of that many people in such big city, so far from home.. it just felt so special. The energy in the room was so high, I could feel the anticipation of the people waiting to have their brains massaged.
Shazam: I would have to say our show in New York at The W Ballroom was absolutely wonderful. The energy in that room just seemed so connected. Gorgeous time, wot wot!
Are you starting to have go-to meal options for tour?
Liz: Fruits, nuts, and coffee! And sometimes Chipotle.. But I can imagine that will change once we leave the states!
Shazam: We eat organic, GMO-free, fresh, and REAL food so tour is kind of a difficult endeavor, especially because your immune system is already being attacked at every turn. I ate Chipotle 8 days in a row because I couldn’t find anything else. Have fun vegans!
Do you have any fun items on your rider? (Is that a thing anymore?)
Liz: It is, in fact, a thing haha! We aren’t cool enough to have a rider.. YET. But I could imagine that two cases of La Croix water and five pre-rolled blunts would suffice!
Shazam: The day we have a rider is the day that I will look at Liz and say, “How did we get here..?”
You performed at ALICE MAGAZINE’s NYFW showcase. How did that come about, and what was it like for you?
Liz: In September of last year, our label sent us out to do couple showcases and to meet some of our new Sony team members. The second show we played while there was that fabulous party! I’d never met so many New Yorkers in my life, and can certainly say that I was shocked by how many amazing individuals were in attendance that night. It was such a positive, fun, and uplifting event for me. A lot of wonderful relationships began that night!
Shazam: ALICE MAGAZINE were absolute wonders! Still some of my favorite people I’ve worked with and they made everything come together so smoothly! I really look forward to connecting with them again, and making more magic happen!
We know what type of music you are inspired by, but what do you find you draw the most inspiration from?
Liz: Magical universes, Donkey Kong, cinematography, and Star Wars.
Shazam: I read voraciously, I love graphic novels, video game soundtracks, language, coffee, cooking, and late nights babe!
Who is your favorite super hero, and why?
Liz: I don’t actually have a favorite super hero. I suppose I’ve always been more sympathetic towards the villain.
Shazam: PROMETHEA! Because the power of the imagination is unmatched in this mortal world.
Where do you think the future of music is going?
Liz: That’s an amazing question! My answer goes something like this……. Out in all directions. History continues to repeat itself, and what was once out of style will come back in, as new technology unfolds every day. Popular music goes back and forth as these massive waves between what’s “hip” and what has substantial depth or soul. Right now, a lot of what I’m hearing in the main stream is very cheap, fake, overly processed, formulated, insincere, uneducated, and completely worthless. But it encourages me. Because if this is what I’m seeing now (and trust me, it’s already getting old), then what is coming next will be a massive wave of genuine, unique, earthy, soulful music that actually has some ounce of intelligence and authenticity. Music is also becoming very video oriented- very visually presented. I’m excited to see where artists take music in unison with the new technology that is swiftly coming our way. It always goes back to the rhythm, the authenticity, and the soul.
Shazam: We are currently navigating our ship of music through the endlessly wild sea of sound waves. The future of music is tumultuous, as it has always been. We will brave the maelstrom because we were made to move mountains and the sea obeys our command. History repeats itself.
Anything else you’d like to add?
Liz: Be sure to check out our social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat— and keep it weird.
Shazma: I enjoy wearing a zebra thong and jamming to Prince.