The Incomparable Joshua Radin Talks Teaming Up With The Patch, Upcoming Album The Fall

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

If you’ve ever watched anything Zach Braff has had a hand in, you’ve probably heard a song by Joshua Radin. Braff has taste so, naturally, he knew to include Radin’s incredible music in a plethora of his works. And we’re glad he did, as his voice and the words he sings often spark a fire in our hearts to inspire change, growth, and love in life.

Radin recently did some work with The Patch, a program created by SOUR PATCH KIDS whose efforts support emerging musicians by pairing them with a community of creatives to aid them in their work and mindset. One of The Patch’s big accomplishments is that it provides these artists with a place to stay free of charge to hone their craft and build their knowledge of the industry – and music – at large. The program and its accompanying space was founded in Brooklyn in 2014, but has expanded to include locations in Hollywood and Austin as well.

Radin’s support for the program reaches widely, but he recently made an appearance at the Patch House in Brooklyn to debut a few of his new songs in a very intimate setting. His newest album, The Fall, is due out January 27th of 2017. We got to speak with him briefly about his work with The Patch and The Fall.

What is it like touring on the road and how do programs like The Patch make a difference?

It was a great event and the Patch house is beautiful. I wish that place had been there for the last few years of touring, as it’s amazing looking and comfortable to hang in.  Better than a hotel.  It’s very cool that they offer it as a homey place for artists to stay.

How did you first come into working with The Patch and what is your favorite part of the program/house?

I will definitely stay in the house in Brooklyn again.  I don’t need the one in LA as I live there but the place really makes you feel at home on the road.

As far as your music, what is the first album or song you remember listening to, and who introduced it to you?

The Beatles “Revolver.” My parents played it a lot and it’s still my favorite Beatles record.

Was there a specific moment when you knew you wanted to pursue music?

The first time I picked up a guitar I felt home. I didn’t think I could make a living making music but that quickly changed, fortunately.

Do you think being from Cleveland has influenced your sound?

I have no idea. Maybe? Everything I’ve experienced influences me, so my first eighteen years in Cleveland had to influence me.

The Fall is your 7th album, and self-produced.  What are you looking forward to most for its release?  The fans hearing it?  etc.  

Yeah, I always get nervous when an album is about to be released. But my fans get me through it when they request new songs at the shows.

Do you have a favorite track on The Fall?  

I think “Song for You” is my favorite off the new album. I just love playing it.

Since this is the first album that you self-produced, do you have any interesting or fun anecdotes from the production process?

It went by so quickly. I made this album in 5 days. It was blur. But we laughed a lot and I kept the studio experience a light one, one in which everyone could feel as creative and open as possible.

“High and Low” is such a sweet, beautiful song. Do you have anything you’d like to share about its inspiration, or even the inspiration for the album as a whole?

Thank you so much! It’s just a simple love song about how you need to love someone in every sort of situation, not just the positive ones.

Would you be opposed to”High and Low” being the next big wedding anthem? 

Not at all. That would be very flattering.

In November you’ll be hitting a few fun places on tour. Makes us wonder: do you have any tour essentials at this point? 

I always bring my favorite pillow from my bed. That way wherever I lay my head, I’m home.

Is it still fun getting your music on television and in movies, or are you kind of jaded at this point? 

It’s still a thrill. I still can’t believe people still want my music. I’ve been pinching myself for 12 years now.

Is there someone you’d like to work with that you haven’t had the chance to yet?

Paul Simon.

If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?

I’d be Bob Dylan.

Do you consider yourself an early bird or night owl? 

Definitely a night owl. I hate the morning.


The Fall is out in January, and is available for preorder now.