TITANICS Just Want Owen Wilson to Think Their Music is Cool

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

New York’s ambient pop duo TITANICS – comprised of Mark Lombardo and Derek Rogers – has been hard at work producing their Hotel EP. We just premiered it in its entirety, but we also caught wind of their upcoming tour in support of that work. So check out the dates below, sign yourself up for the closest one, and then read on for our exclusive interview with Mark Lombardo.


If you could introduce yourselves to our readers in any way, how would you do so?
I like anything that deals with water, random experience, beauty, and anything that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
What made you decide to pursue music?
It’s something I can pour myself into and live inside but also really self-defining in a way. The more you learn the more there is to learn. It just seems to change as I change. It has never left me since I fell in love with it.
What is the official origin story of TITANICS?
When I first started the project it was just me and an acoustic guitar. I was releasing acoustic albums and thought it would be ironic to have a huge, massive name like TITANICS relating to the minimal acoustic music. I’ve also loved ocean themes, luxury themes and the Titanic has always interested me. I like Idealistic art and ideas.
You describe your music as “tranquilpop” and we would agree. What inspires your work the most?

I’ve always loved impressionistic art. Something simple and minimal but also really lush and syrupy. I like beauty and idealism. I’m inspired by Monet, Alan Watts, the movie The Beach, Oscar Wilde, and nature. Nature is a big inspiration for me. Nature doesn’t care about being ‘perfect’. That inspires me. I always try to remind myself to let most things happen naturally.

How do you imagine people listening to “Ravine”?

A beautiful summer day driving in a topless Jeep! That song is sort of about Ellie Kemper in a loose sense. It was this crazy dream I had where we were hiking together on some sort of search.

What are you most looking forward to about the release of the Hotel EP?

Writing the next one. touring. traveling.

Any anecdotes from recording Hotel?
I guess the real inspiration behind the song and EP came from when I was staying in all these really nice, beautiful hotels in NYC. Hotels are a temporary place. I like that.
Anything else you’d like to add?
Actually yeah, I’m really inspired by the movie Midnight In Paris as well. That movie really messed with me in a good way. And ambient music. I guess I’m just trying to make music that Owen Wilson would think is cool.
Thanks for listening/reading! xMark
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