To do in Madrid with Little Wings

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Kyle Field, Little Wings

Walk to the gas station to buy five razors and get some salt in the lobby, the lady and I are getting a sore throat. Shower, shave, apply eyebrows and teeth, power-nap, breathing normally. Write set list and overall plan for show, we have 45 minutes of their lives! Meet up in lobby, wait on associate to retrieve important wristband from room. Inhale the crisp December air on the way to the venue, enjoy the nervousness and the feeling that this is the first show. Drink a Red Bull before to increase Intensity,plant acoustic guitar in audience with lady and treat her like a stranger when she responds to “does anyone here have a Spanish guitar?” Unplug the mic and run around the almost too large venue. Bare new teeth at audience and look for any response that seems aimed at that feature, sing one olde familiar song (to myself) and if it works do it again. Write notes on hands, draw on face, appear at souvenir booth directly after show. Play Pastor TL Barrett's “It's Me Oh Lord” via device before Soundman can fade house music up. Evacuate venue as soon as possible. Success!