Free Love II

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We reached out to friends, family, and people we like to make some sweet Valentine's mixtape love, and it didn't stop for two days straight.

Enjoy mixes from Alaskas, Future Islands, Nick Gazin, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Idiot Glee, Yr Friend Matthew, Pop Jew, Hooray For Earth, Liturgy, Prince Rama, Talk Normal, Grillade's Keelay, Wet Hair, Cool Runnings, Pregnant, Al Lover, Aa, more coming, still.

Shawn Reed of Wet Hair and Night People

01 White Noise – The Monochrome Set
02 Basheeba – Angel Rada
03 1A4 – John Bender
04 Tender Buttons – Broadcast
05 Golden Age Satuday – Cleaners From Venus
06 Reaching An End – This Kind of Punishment
07 Love Goes Home To Paris In The Spring – The Magnetic Fields
08 Bury Me Happy – The Moles
09 The Garden Of Poppies – Riuchi
10 Mots – Ruth
11 Help Me Please – Sonic Boom
12 Tomorrow Is Already Here – Stereolab
13 Subito – Moebius & Beerbohm
14 Flying – Parasites Of The Western World
15 Apple – Teenage Filmstars
16 Shirley – Mirrors
17 The Sound of Rain – The Go-Betweens
18 It's Rainin' Money – The Phantom Payn
19 We R. – Chrisma
20 Mari – Martin Rev

Wet Hair's Mixtape

AL Lover

This mixtape is dedicated to the girl that I love that don't love me no more. She has a new man now, lives far away, and won't talk to me. Fuck it.

I Love You Love Al Lover
Side A
01 Ghostface Killah – Childs Play
02 The Brian Jonestown Massacre – It Girl
03 The Gories – I Think I’ve Had It
04 The Pretty Things – She’s A Lover
05 My Bloody Valentine – Only Shallow
06 Al Lover – Only Shallow (Extended Remix)
07 Lou Reed – Vicious
08 The Byrds – You Don’t Miss Your Water
09 King Khan & The BBQ – Waddlin’ Around
10 The Music City Soul Brothers – Lookin’ For My Baby
11 The Savoys – Can It Be
12 Hunx And His Punx – Gimme Gimme Back Your Love
13 Johnny Thunders – (You Can’t Put Your Arm Around A) Memory
14 Songs: Ohia – I've Been Riding With The Ghost
15 UGK – Feelin’ You
16 The Creation – If I Stay Too Long

01 The Count Five – Pretty Big Mouth
02 The Seeds – Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
03 The Dirtbombs – Chains of Love
04 Fist Fam – How Can I Miss You?
05 The Fugs – Slum Goddesss
06 Link Wray – Hidden Charms
07 The Modern Lovers – Someone I Care About
08 King Tuff – Dancing On You
09 Ty Segall – Imaginary Person
10 The Reigning Sound – Break It
11 Wendy Rene – After Laughter
12 Buck 65 – Pants On Fire
13 Townes Van Zandt- To Live Is To Fly
14 The Almighty Defenders – Bow Down and Die
15 The Trodden Path – In This World I Need Love

Al Lover's Valentine's Mixtape

Daniel Trudeau of Pregnant

I'd like to dedicate this jam to my lovely pseudo wife/soul mate. Honey, this Cass McCombs song is for you. The rest I'd like to dedicate to the single people on Valentine's – always know that there's tons of wierdos out there for you in the infinite slop of wierdos we have on this planet.

01 Dragging An Ox Through Water – Blue Vessel
02 Prints – Me and Mrs. Archer
03 Roxy Music – Ladytron
04 Traxter – Mr. Love
05 Phillip Glass – Music In Twelve Parts, Part One
06 Cass McCombs – You Saved My Life
07 E + E – Gate
08 Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Her Eyes Are A Million Blue Miles
09 Jacob Smigel – Carol
10 The Residents – Love Is…
11 Peter Cetera – Glory Of Love

Pregnant's Valentine's Day Mixtape

John Atkinson of Aa

[No explanation given for use of two Fleetwood Mac songs.]

01 Seven Days Too Long – Dexys Midnight Runners
02 My Love – Juelz Santana x Freeway
03 Wilhelms Scream – James Blake
04 Win – David Bowie
05 Hate It When You Leave – Keith Richards
06 Save Me A Place – Fleetwood Mac
07 Throw it in the Bag (Freestyle) – Lil Wayne
08 Unchained Melody – Little Jimmy Scott

01 Don't Make Me Over – Dionne Warwick
02 Happy Sad – Pizzicato Five
03 Song of Solomon – Kate Bush
04 Dyslexic Heart – Paul Westerberg
05 Ego (Remix) – Beyonce ft. Kanye West
06 Orange Moon – Erykah Badu
07 Warm Ways – Fleetwood Mac

Open Mike Eagle

This is the mix you should've given him/her yesterday. T'would have guaranteed you some sexuals. Assuming, though, that your intended mate is a smart person. I know how you smart folks like to chase dumbasses, but lets go ahead and pretend you had your junk screwed on straight and pointed it in the direction of a nose breather.

01. TMBG – For Science
Anyone worth their salt will realize this song is saying you're weird and I love you without using any of those words.

02. David Bowie – Drive-in Saturday
This will assure him/her that in addition to the awkward weird loving you intend to provide, there will be some measure of traditional affections as well.

03. ODB – Sweet Sugar Pie
You're going to have to inject humor here…or else your mate will remember that there are things in the world to worry about. You get bonus points if you sing it yourself.

04. XTC – When You're Near Me I Have Difficulties
This is the part where you let him/her know how you really feel. You've destroyed their defenses enough to allow it.

05. King Missile – Sex With You

At this point you have to reassert some sort of nonchalance lest the smartie find you too sensitive. What better way
than to make a direct overture to their privates?

06. Bobby Hutcherson – Montara
This is an instrumental to let the sex thoughts soak in.

07. TV on the Radio – Wolf Like Me
Because you just taught them tricks that are gonna blow their mongrel mind, and you have to pretend that you're
this cool about it.

08. Serengeti and Polyphonic – Puppy Dog Love
You're going to need to pretend to have some post coital sensitivity, and this is the most sensitive song ever made.

Open Mike Eagle's Valentine's Day Mix

Andrya Ambro of Talk Normal

Affection 2011 Mix

01 I Get Nervous – Lower Dens
02 Love Is the Drug – Roxy Music
03 Just Want Your Love – Big Maybelle Smith

04 Limit to Your Love – James Blake
05 My Relationship – Gregory Isaacs
06 Love Is Expensive – Willie Wright
07 You Put A Smell On Me – Matthew Dear
08 Crying In The Rain – Carole King
09 I Believe In Your Love – Charles Bradley Feat. Menahan Street Band
10 Spoonful – Howlin' Wolf
11 The Day You're Mine – Big Daddy Kane
12 I Love Every Little Thing About You – Syreeta
13 Inside – Mark Perry
14 Your Love – Nicki Minaj

Talk Normal's Valentine's Day Mix

Brandon Biondo of Cool Runnings

This mix for nerds without girlfriends to makeout to with their dolls.

01 Beach Boys – Let's Go Away For A While
02 Abba – S.O.S.
03 English Beat – Save It For Later
04 Dead Boys – All This And More
05 The Creation – How Does It Feel To Feel
06 George McCrae – Rock Your Baby
07 10cc – I'm Not In Love
08 Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere
09 Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time
10 Talking Heads – City Of Dreams

Cool Runnings, Valentine's Day Mix

Dillon Rego of Alaskas

This is 2011. This is 1992. R*mance can be dirty, but l*ving can be FILTHY. Hot enough to melt the sidewalk's snowcaps and remind you how quickly we've grow old. Revolution is on the table, these days, and the bookie is taking bets. Do you wanna take a risk? I say, let it ride. I don't know too much about luck, but the odds are in our favor. Struggle we must, while strutting out struts. Gucci graffiti. Chanel ski masks. Get yr fr**k on. #SWAG

Alaskas, “Filthy” (Valentines Mix)

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix of Liturgy

01 Hildegard von Bingen – O Pulchrae Facies
02 Smashing Pumpkins – Medellia of the Gray Skies
03 Salem – Sick
04 Lil Wayne – Popular
05 Scriabin – Poem of Ecstasy
06 Portal – Larvae
07 Coil – Penetralia
08 Daniel Higgs – Creation Moan
09 Death in June – Crush my Love
10 Pentegram – Forever My Queen
11 Messaien – Turangalila – Chant d'Amour no. 1
12 Guillaume Dufay – Adieu m'amour
13 Ligeti – Etude no, 15, “White on White”

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix' Valentine's Mix

Taraka and Nimai of Prince Rama


01 Four Tops (skrewed by Taraka) – Reach Out
02 Jandek – Governor Rhodes
03 Scotch – Disco Band
04 Alphaville – Summer in Berlin
05 Robert Gorl feat. Annie Lennox – Darling Don't Leave Me
06 Anonymous – Don't Let My Girlfriend Tickle Me
07 Roy Orbison – Crying
08 Selda – Nasirli Eller
09 John Maus – Through the Skies For You
10 Electra Feat – Feels Good
11 Alphaville – Sounds like a Melody
12 The Turtles (skrewed by Taraka) – So Happy Together

Prince Rama's Danced and Skrewwed Valentine's Mix

Keelay of Grillade

Dedicated to my girl, yeah it's mushy… so what?!

01 Learning How To Love You – Leon Ware
02 Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby – The Crystals
03 The Look of Love – Isaac Hayes
04 There's nothing in this world that can stop me from loving you – Tom Brock
05 I Want You (She's So Heavy) – The Beatles
06 Let's Go Away For Awhile – The Beach Boys
07 Love Theme – Dennis Coffey
08 Feel Like Makin' Love – D'Angelo
09 Hey Love – Stevie Wonder
10 I Love Her – Raphael Saadiq
11 Give Me Your Love – Curtis Mayfield

Keelay of Grillade's Valentine's Mix

Rachel Coleman of Pop Jew

Single people always complain about Valentine's Day and say it's depressing and blah blah blah. I couldn't disagree more. I love Valentine's day because all the single people just wanna get a little crazy and if you go to a bar or a party you can probably make out with someone while you're both drunk on whiskey. That is why my mix is not “to” anyone, but rather it's for all the single people out there that just wanna get crazy and smooch someone on V-Day.

01 What The Hell – Avril Lavigne
02 Fifteen – Standard Fare
03 Hey You – Summer Cats
04 Pretty Baby – Heavy Cream
05 I'm Bored – Zero Boys
06 Outta My Mind – White Wires
07 The Night Before – The Beatles
08 You Me Love – Mirrors
09 I Can't Control Myself – The Troggs
10 I'm A Pretender – The Exploding Hearts
11 RMPM (Constant Sex) – Brain Flannel
12 I Think I Love You – Ism
13 Potato – Tyvek
14 Dating – Ty Segall
15 We'll Be Turned On – Eddy Current Supression Ring
16 Strong come on – Oblivians
17 Whips & Furs – The Vibrators
18 (Baby) You're A Starfish – Thick Shakes
19 Be Your Baby – Harlem
20 Baby I – Jaill
21 Sexy Weekend – Leg Sweeper
22 End of the Night – Smith Westerns
23 Am I In Love – The UV Race
24 Pony People – Wounded Lion
25 Girls With English Accents – Fergus & Geronimo

Pop Jew's Valentine's Mixtape, II

Philip Seymour Hoffman

A mixtape for my forever homies at Impose for one day of infinite continuity celebrating love and friendship. For everyone who goes year by year not giving a shit and loving everything to endless degrees, here's a collection of tunes to feel however you want to feel.

Hey, It's That Day Again

01 Arp – Potentialities (happiness overdub)
02 The Spookfish – New Filter
03 Satanstompingcaterpillars – I Think It Is Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too
04 Okay – Only
05 Nicole Kidman – I'm in Love with a Jehovahs Witness
06 Broken Deer – Embraceable You
07 Alright Lover – [Lo-nely]
08 Tree Hopping – Mates
09 This Song Is A Mess But So Am I – High Fives for Jamie

Idiot Glee

01 The Walker Brothers – Nite Flights
02 Matt Duncan – 1000 Boys
03 The Beach Boys – Vege-tables
04 Jeanne Vomit-Terror – Mirror School
05 Toro Y Moi – Still Sound
06 The Kinks – Johnny Thunder
07 Paul & Linda McCartney – Uncle Albert / Admiral Hasley
08 10cc – Sand In My Face
09 Dirty Beaches – The Singer (Johnny Cash/Nick Cave)
10 Timmy Thomas – Why Can't We Live Together
11 Fleetwood Mac – That's All For Everyone

Nick Gazin of Mishka, Vice, and Sick Art

Let's Make Friends
01 Love Me – The Queers
02 Kandang Lawan Harap Hadir – Secret Prostitutes
03 Hipnotis – Secret Prostitutes
04 Baby's Gone Away – Psychic TV
05 I'm A Mutant – Count Vertigo
06 Plastic – Under Al Kritik
07 Do You Ever Think of Me? – The Paperhead
08 Fuckheads (Uncool Slamming) – Breeders
09 Egg Hunt- We All Fall Down – 20 Years of Dishord
10 Nothing In Your Heart – Life With Patrick
11 Frantic Romantic – The Scientists
12 Homework – Screaming Urge
13 I Don't Mind If You Forget Me – Morrissey
14 Wild Dub – Generation X
15 My Black Diary – Death In June
16 Harsh Realm – Widowspeak
17 Emma's House – The Field Mice
18 Humdrum – Air Waves
19 Rose Clouds Of Holocaust – Death In June
20 dely – The Mushroams
21 Berceuse pour Clive – The Liminanas
22 Sometimes – The Zombies
23 The Singer Not the Song – Sky Saxon & The Seeds
24 There's a Ghost in My House – R. Dean Taylor
25 Breakloose – Kas Product
26 Frozen Jap – Paul McCartney
27 Behind the Mask – YMO
28 Japanese Boy (Original 12” Mix) – Aneka
29 If I Were You – Spider
30 Let's Make Friends – Puerto Rico Flowers

Download it.

Future Islands

01 The Durutti Column – Messidor
02 Ghetto Children – Equilibrium
03 Bascom Lamar Lunsford – Fly Around, My Blue-Eyed Girl
04 4 Out of 5 Doctors – Elizabeth
05 Otis Day & The Knights – Shama Lama Ding Dong
06 Alphaville – Lies
07 Scotch – Take Me Up

Future Islands' Valentine's Mix, II

Matthew Caron, a.k.a. Yr Friend Matthew

This mix should appeal to horny weirdos.

I Only Came Here To Hang Out With You
01 Molly Nilsson – Whiskey Sour
02 John Maus – Just Wait Til Next Year
03 Psychic TV – As Tears Go By
04 Gary Wilson – And Then I Kissed Your Lips
05 Brian Wilson – Mona
06 The Blue Rondos – Little Baby
07 Batter Recharger – Love Is Strange
08 The Moldy Peaches – MC Kracka's Advice
09 Betty White – X Rated
10 Tonetta – 81 Inch Prime Ass
11 Ariel Pink – One More Time
12 R. Stevie Moore – I Wanna Hit You

Yr Friend Matthew's Valentine's Mix

Hooray For Earth

This is just a collection of songs that have either made me terribly sad or happy about someone awesome over the past 10 years.

01 Aidan John Moffat – Monday Fantasy Time
02 Magnetic Fields – Take Ecstacy With Me
03 The Divine Comedy – The Perfect Lovesong
04 Broadcast – Come On Letʼs Go
05 Boards Of Canada – Olson
06 Bjork – Unravel
07 Arab Strap – Haunt Me
08 Brian Eno & David Byrne – Strange
09 Overtones
10 Magnetic Fields – If Thereʼs Such A Thing As Love
11 The Divine Comedy – If…
12 Badly Drawn Boy – Blistered Heart
13 Paul Holmes – Overdrive
14 Broadcast – Oh How I Miss You

Hooray For Earth's Valentine's Mix