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So, it's important to know that WPBR was formed out of necessity. I started it to put out recordings for myself and friends whose music was laying dormant on hard drives and tapes (like all/most labels). I have no desire to grow the label into any kind of entity that requires full time attention, only to release music that otherwise may not make its way into the world and to work with creative friends whom I care about and respect deeply. It runs on informal agreements, friendships, and whatever free time is left after working full time, playing in multiple bands, making art, etc. (like most people running small labels!).

Shortly after the Russian Tsarlag/Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn split 7″, I backed off of the label for a bit to refocus what I was doing in many regards. In early 2010, I started hanging out with CJ, Jordan and Jimmy from Cop City/Chill Pillars on a near daily basis. Just before that, the CCCP/Love Handles rehearsal space known as Club Sandwich (RIP) was an integral part in uniting the only DIY sort of scene there is in West Palm Beach/Lake Worth. Tons of killer bands from here and afar played frequently. Basically, some permutation of the many awesome WPB-area bands was playing every weekend (CCCP, Love Handles, Guy Harvey, The Jameses, Band in Heaven, the Dewars, Tumbleweave, Weird Wives, Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn, probably some other sick ass folks that slip my mind). So it was a hugely inspiring time, and I started putting out music for my friends again. In December 2010, I joined CCCP on synths, as did our friend Nick Klein on congas/percussion. We will be recording for a split 12″ with Diet Cokeheads soon, to be released on the Vinyl Rites label.

Up next for West Palm Beotch is a Love Handles 7″, which is the other focus of CJ and Jordan from Cop City/Chill Pillars. It's going to be the first non-split 7″ for the label, which I think is rad. The songs are sick and really show this band sculpting its sound to be its very own. I've never heard pop songs played like this (deceptively complex), and they continue to blow my mind. Not to mention, i challenge anyone to find another person playing a setup similar to Jordan Pettingill, and playing it so seamlessly. Dude plays drums, keyboards, pedal bass synth and sings all simultaneously. Love Handles is an incredible band to experience live and recorded.

After that, there will be a Skeleton Warrior cassingle of covers (The Fuggs “Kill for Peace” and Chuck Berry “School Days”), a Mr. Transylvania cassette, and a Universal Expansion release on some proper format. Universal Expansion is succeeding Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn as a full band. The lineup is myself, Adam P. from Guy Harvey, Jimmy from CCCP, and Nick from CCCP/was the singer of now unfortunately defunct Weird Wives.

West Palm Beotch Records Sampler (Stream/download them in the player below):
01 Love Handles- Crack it like an Egg
02 Diet Cokeheads – Sorry Entertainer (Daniel Johnston cover)
03 Old Smokers – Nicotine Dreams (Side A)
04 Skeleton Warrior – To Smell and See a Rose
05 Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn – Starpulse
06 Haves&Thirds – X's, O's, and a Couple of J's
07 Mr. Transylvania – Cinema
08 Russian Tsarlag – Master's Speech
09 Neon Blud – Glitter (live at Bloodfest 2010)
10 Outmode – 830
11 Soft Creatures – March I
12 zacharygrangermoldof – excerpt