An Exclusive Split Premiere with Red Jewel Guide/Follicles

Impose Automaton

Nathan Springer, the virtuoso behind Red Jewel Guide, is an ambient pop, lo-fi one-man band. The songs are culled from different periods and places from 2011 to present, from Knoxville, TN, to Richmond, CA, to Atlanta, GA.


Scott Irvine and Nathan Springer were in the ambient band called Narrator with Nicholas Lowery. That project dissolved about three years ago. Nathan Springer that started Red Jewel Guide, was created as an outlet for songs that didn’t work for Floral Print and was finished in the spring of 2016. Nathan wanted to wait to find a good home for his music.

Follicles is the project of Scott Irvine. It started as an exploration in ambient drone but now is centered around minimal beat making while still retaining the ambiance of his earlier works. He recorded a new set of tracks earlier this year and found that the 8 tracks complemented each other very nicely.

The Red Jewel Guide/Follicles split is an addictive mix of unique sounds and tones of rare alternative rock, along with the Solitary fantasy of Follicles ambiance.



Artwork By: Lauren Barfield

Produced and Engineered By Graham Tavel


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