BlakTai Presents the Track "Skin"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Seconds into Blaktai’s latest single, “Skin,” and there’s a sense of being transported to another world, even another time. Whitney Tai’s vocals are enveloping and enticing, blocking out all other distractions. The New York City-based duo made up of Tai and Kelsey Warren (Blak Emoji) met in the spring of 2017, realizing the potential of their musical collaborations. Their recording sessions were full of Russian cuisine, tea, and a lot of laughing– it shines through in “Skin,” as their dynamic creates harmony– musically, and human harmony.

The beginnings of “Skin” began on an iPhone 7, and it is the first single from their upcoming EP release. The single will be available on all digital platforms this Valentine’s Day– make it part of your celebrations.

Blaktai will release their self-titled EP this Spring. You can keep up with them here.